Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday in Japan and other places. . .

Just a few random photos here and there.
 Daughter made a Sushi dinner for her friends Birthday.
 She made "Push Sushi" one of my favorite Sushi I had in Japan.
She used salmon and cucumber. 
Quickly what this is.... rice is pushed into a box, an oily fish is next, 
cover with a top and pushed again.
The sushi is cut into rectangles and the wrapped in Persimmon  leaves.
So good. The persimmon leaves keep it safe from spoiling.

Thank goodness when Daughter sent me the photos, Son was taking me to 
sushi dinner the same day or I would have gone crazy.


 ummmmmmm I forgot to take photos of the rest of dinner.  
Take my word it was wonderful.

 Can you guess what this is ?
The light from the ceiling was shining on the table.
Just look at the above photo to see the light on the table.
Very syfy and just wonderful !

And of course just because I can here is your mid-week pretty

thehamish getting a chin scratch.
My sweet baboo !

sushi. . . parsnip
music. . . Heart Of Gold,  Neil Young

Monday, March 28, 2016

Parley view parsnip. . . javelina babies

Some Tucson views.

This was so cute, babies javelinas running back and forth one afternoon.
But I hit the wrong button and cut it off at 1 nanosecond.
Run it a few times to see the cuteness of tiny hairy loafs of bread with feet.


 Mr. Roadrunner
l'heure bleue or time between dog and wolf.
The start of twilight, my favorite time of the evening.
 Evening before all the lights come on.

This looked so much better in person more lights from the homes up the mountains were lovely.
Like the stars came down for a visit.

Have not been taking care of my tomatoes plants from last summer.
Picked the last tomatoes and son pulled out the plants.
 They taste lovely even if they are tiny.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.
They both are so thehamish.

 thehamish does not eat the squeaker.
The drawing looks so much like thehamish.

Late at night thehamish will pop his head up, gurrrrrrr real low and then go back to sleep.
Thanks a lot gud dug !

scotty. . . parsnip
music. . . Muskrat Love,  America

Friday, March 25, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . just stuff

It is here, Square Dog Friday best day of the week.
It has been a very no good very bad two weeks for me.
I sound just like a broken record, yuck.

But Square Dog Friday always makes me happy.
Here are a few photos from the last few days.

 Much like Watson, thehamish will alway find where the sun is.

I took my afternoon meds, drank some coffee, set my alarm for an hour 
and took a nap or like I say "rest my eyes".
thehamish snuggled next to me and fell asleep. He is just not feeling 
very fluffy. We just came back from the vet, besides an ear infection his
latest tests came back fine. As I have to constantly monitor his meds, 
and food we go in for tests almost every month or if lucky two months.

 I was looking through the photos and  found this old photo of Watson helping  me make the bed.

 And here is thehamish helping me make the bed or maybe just getting ready for a nap ?
These spring sheets also make me happy and I use them often, just so pretty.
I love violets and these spring sheets remind me of them.

 A photo of thehamish and one of his bionic eyes.

 Just sitting in the sun.

This is another photos of thehamish having a quick bottom a wash up.

 Son found these flowers and greens at Trader Joe's. 
We think they look like the spring flowers blooming around Tucson right now.


And as always here is your pretty to start the weekend !
The photos is off the computer so it is quite blurry.
Sorry about that but it made me smile so I had to post it.
The hen found a tiny puppy sleeping in her coop.
Being a Mum she sat down and covered him with her feathers.
Even with her chick looking on and probably saying  "What the heck "
this is a sweet family moment.

thehamish. . . parsnip
music. . . Chasing Rainbows,  America

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . Just a very warm spring day

I can't believe it is Friday already.

Best day of the week if you're a Little Square Black Dog.
What happened to the week ?
We all know the drill so let's hit it.
woof !

when i thehamish gets up in the morning i thehamish has to rub my face and scratch my back
first thing in the morning nice tall person who feeds us put nice rug on floor for i thehamish to use 
every morning it's a gud thing

 then i thehamish walks past kitchen to nice tall person who feeds us workin' room 
so i thehamish can go outside for my morning sniffies and to run like the wind
that is what nice tall person who feed us tells me every day

i thehamish always lookin' back to see if nice tall person is following 
nice tall person who feeds us  gets lost sometimes so
i thehamish has to keep lookin' at her

 i thehamish is lookin' scotty

 in the sun now there are two thehamish

 more i thehamish plus a lizzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaarrrrrrrd

 i thehamish is gud scotty
gud dug

Yes, you are sweet pea. You are the very best Scotty and I love you.


And as always just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.

I mentioned on my last post about the Native Arizona Bees.
They are solitary bees but go about their sweet little bee lives and do not bother you.
I have planted a lot of rosemary for their bee enjoyment.
They do not live in hives but any small space by themselves.

There is a wonderful local artist who makes these fabulous works of art 
like the one above.
It is a hanging piece of wood that has been drilled with holes.  In every little hole 
a bee will make his home.

Here is another wonderful piece of his work.
Fabulous !

Have a terrific weekend !

bee. . . parsnip
music. . . Just a Cloud Away,  Pharrell Williams

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday in Japan. . . maybe not

Even though it is Wednesday in Japan
I am swamped with work.
Never ending work !
So here are a few quick spring photos zooming into an early summer.
It will be 85 today possibly 90 by the weekend.
I think the pool will be open ! So I can start my water walking exercise.
 ummmmm i thehamish is wantin' out
then i thehamish will be wantin' in
 i thehamish is hidin'
i thehamish is lookin' scotty

Happy happy Desert Bee in my Meyer Lemon tree. These bees are truly social and 
live a solitary life no hives for them. I am allergic to bee stings but these cuties never 
bother or sting me. 

As always here is your pretty for mid week.

pretty pretty pretty i thehamish 
i is gud dug
gud scottydug

sunny. . . parsnip
music. . . With a Little Help From My Friends,  The Beatles

Monday, March 14, 2016

parley view parsnip, weekend in Tucson.

Busy weekend in Tucson.
First of all the huge Tucson Festival of Books. 
A three day extravaganza of authors, books, books, authors, books and more books.
There are discussions, talks and more books. 
All held on the University Of Arizona Mall. 
Last year 130,000 people had a great time.

All photos are from the Arizona Daily Star.

 Many authors premier their books here and come back every year. It is a huge show.
CSPAN2 has been showing coverage of authors, books and discussions.

I turned on CSPAN2 Sunday at 9am, and heard a great discussion with Douglas Brinkly
on his new book "Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America"
 More about his book in my book review about Teddy Roosevelt and the start of the Park System in America. Jim Cook the narrator was somewhat snarky off subject but all and all a terrific hour.
Being a Western Lady and a USFS family this is a big part of my life.
Then on Saturday and Sunday Davis Monthan Air Force Base,
had their Open House and Airshow.
I grew up going to these shows.


 And if this wasn't enough, Old Tucson, a movie set open to the public had a big Stuntman Show
with the old and new stuntmen performing.


Also in the Sunday Newspaper was a fabulous article about a family that just seems to
to adopt dogs that are disabled. The first impaired dog they adopted was a blind puppy.
He just died a few months ago at age 13. They now have two blind and deaf dog, one that is blind, one has one good eye and deaf in one ear. The family doesn't think they are special they just don't think people understand what good pets they are.
They are just like any other dog, they just want to be loved, petted and fed.

All and all a great weekend in Tucson.
Something for everyone.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

My Little Square Black Dog.
A smiling thehamish.
He liked the weekend too.

books. . . parsnip
music. . . Yesterday,  The Beatles

Friday, March 11, 2016

Square Dog Friday, woof !

As always the best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday.
So let's woof it !
 I love my view walking through the kitchen looking out to the backyard, first thing in the morning.
This view is on the way to the studio door to let thehamish outside for his morning sniffs.
Then I make his breakfast and the start of his shots and many eye drops for the day.

 Contemplating ........

i thehamish is always watchin' for lizzzzzarrrrrds 

 Wednesday a two day storm zoomed in much like what our winter should be.
Temps dropped by 20 so instead of being in the high 80 we were back to the high 60's.


 oooooooooooooou yeash nice tall person who feed us
scrachies under the chinin' is gud

In keeping with what I started on my Wednesday post.
Today is 11 March. Five years ago the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.
One of the things Daughter and I did to help was support a wonderful animal shelter.

Daughter wanted to do more so she would draw your dog or cat for a 
donation to the animal shelter. 

 I was lucky to receive one too !

And as always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Last summer I was trying to grow more in my side yard.
Where I live you have to protect all your veggies, and flowers
so I grow everything in an enclosed yard in pots.
I tried to grow some carrots , radishes and parsnips !
The parsnips and radish really didn't grow.
I was really ill for most of summer into Christmas.
So the garden just sat there. The tomatoes did fabulously.
In fact I am still getting tomatoes !
Just the other day I looked at my pots and there was new growth.

Just look at the sweet little parsnip and radish !
Lurve it !

growing. . . parsnip
music. . . Hey Let's Go, Joe Hisaishi