Monday, March 31, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . my name

Many people have commented on why is my name 
angryparsnip ?
When I started to use a computer I wanted a fun name like the ones 
my daughter and sons have.
My children where away at school and I wanted to e-mail them. One was at University in Japan, another was back from studying in France and now at University a state away.
 The third one lived about 8 + hours away.
I needed to learn the computer and get a name.
No first name with the date of birth like many people use. 
I wanted a different name a silly name a fun name.
I like robots and animals but daughter and I started to talk and we came up with carrot.
Electric Carrot, then we drifted over to rude rutabaga, tidy turnip, abominable asparagus .....
I really liked neon carrot but then a parsnip jumped into my head. 
The unloved parsnip. 
And this lowly parsnip was angry !

Everyone loves the bright shiny colorful carrot and no one can see the white parsnip laying in a small sad heap next to the bright carrot. Off to the side unwanted and unloved.
Now I love to cook with parsnips, they are spicy and so tasty.

Then a whole story started in my head about the one parsnip who stood tall and bright in the vegetable stand and said "buy me! not the common everyday carrot"  
Not the common carrot that everyone seems to grab 
and then have to dip in Ranch Dressing to eat.
 Buy Me !
Buy a tasty parsnip.
Pick me !
And so I became the angeryparsnip.
No one would ever think  the plain white parsnip would ever get angry.
Never in a million years.

Later the x telephoned me and said he was embarrassed with my name.
Because it was stupid and showed what an angry, horrible and bitter person I was.
Well.... you guessed it, I kept my name.
phiff...... as ever

I have had people laugh out loud when I give them my name over the phone.
One company e-mailed me back saying everyone in the office had a giggle 
and then voted me the best e-mail name ever.

Yes, I understand the confusion and I might change my name it in the future 
but  then again I might not.
Just saying !
yert !

Here is your pretty for the start of the week.
radiant radishes from the Sunday Farmers Market.
Are they not beautiful ?
Possibly radiant ?
pretty . . . parsnip
music. . . Freeway Of Love,  Aretha Franklin

update.... I have been super busy this last week and Watson goes in for his operation
Wednesday. I have been trying to read everyone's blogs late at night before I go to sleep but not always commenting.
I will try to catch up next week.
hugs,  from me

Friday, March 28, 2014

Square Dog Friday... question answered.

What a week !
It has zoomed by in a flurry of doctor/vet appointments.
Thank goodness it is Square Dog Friday.
We need it, paws up and pass the chkikin' strips
So lets woof it.

The Square Ones were asked if they have any nicknames.
Dr. Watson

name comes from the fact he was a companion dog to our Scotty Kirbey
just like Holmes and Watson
Booboo Baby
Sweet Pea
The Doctor
Baby Boy
Sweet Baby

Hamish is a whole nother story.
Hamish went boonkers (like that is so different from everyday) one day and ripped a toy
to shreds. Stuffing was everywhere.
 Watson named him thehamish because he was like a hurricane,
and of course The Donald. He has a very big ego # 1 much like Trump.
But with better hair.
piyo piyo
figgy pudding
inoshishi (wild boar in Japanese )
goat stew
4 feetie trouble
di baby (because he is disbetic)
Forgot the "here is you pretty for the weekend photo".
But when you have so many Square Dog photos, who needs another photo !
Right ?
scotty. . . parsnip
music. . . Happy,  Pharrell Williams

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday In Japan... Totoro

Japanese family are on a trip and Granddaughter,
got to visit one of my favorite places ever.
The Studio Ghibli Shop.
I should be there with her !
I want to be there with her !
I need to be there  with her !
It is TOTORO !
Plus one little cutie-pie

 Peeking out from Totoro.
Almost like the movie.
 Awwww she has made a friend and having a chat.
I so want to be there.

thehamish, on the left, his tests came out pretty good. His diabetes is holding pretty steady.
But he again hit the trifecta of massive ear infections.  He sees the eye doctor nest week. His left eye even with the lens surgery is looking somewhat wonky.
Dr. Watson is the one I am concerned about.
His breathing has become rough when sleeping.
The x-ray doesn't look that bad (?) lots of scaring from the Valley Fever
 and some possible bronchitis.
Watson and I both have Valley Fever. I was exposed as a teen 
and Watson about 5 years ago. 
Dogs recover from it with lots of meds (2years for Watson) but it takes a toll on the immune system as it did with me. There is no cure for humans.
Watson is going in for surgery on 1 April for another problem. I have put this surgery off for as long as I can but he needs to have it done. 
Two Doctors gave their OK so although I am upset over this, he has to have it done.
My stomach is tied in knots.

upset. . . parsnip
music. . . Walk On The Ocean,  Toad The Wet Sprocket

Monday, March 24, 2014

parley view parsnip... something new

Bright sunny blue sky, some high wispy white clouds, cool breezes
that have been perfumed by citrus trees, this morning is beautiful.
Sitting in my side yard for now is my newest addition.
A Pomegranate tree.
 Trying to decide where to plant it or if I want it in a pot.
It will be several years before the fruit sets but I don't care because it is such a beautiful tree and the deep green leaves and bright red blossoms will be a welcome addition to my garden.
When I was a small child one year my Mum and Father asked what kind of tree I wanted
to plant in the yard.  We had just moved again (we seemed to move a lot) and I said Pomegranate.  Strange choice from a child, I am sure, looking back now, that they  thought I would pick an Orange tree.
My Mum and I use to buy a pomegranate and share it when they appeared at the market.
They are very special to me, I always think of my Mum when I see one.

And here is your pretty to start the week.
The Two Little Black Square Dogs.
We are off to the vet today both have health problems 
that popped up again over the weekend. 
le sigh

red. . . parsnip
music. . . Come Take A Ride With Me,  Chuck Mangione

Friday, March 21, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . some Watson love

ack... Square Dog Friday !
I do not know were the week went again !
They have changed my meds and the amounts so I have been somewhat 
more goofy than usual.
But none of that is important,
what is important is today is Friday !
It is Square Dog Friday.
It is in their contract plus if I miss posting today I am fined very heavily.
The amount of chkikin' strips gets doubled !
yert !
Watson gets somewhat over looked sometimes because of thehamish
who is loud, brash, pushy, jealous, funny, goofy, hysterical and a photo hog !
Dr. Watson is sweet, loving, comforting, smart and very easy going.
My sweet baboo Watson.
His Birthday is coming up he will be 16.

 I love nose photos.

 Noble Dr. Watson.

 Son took these photos of Watson's 
 and thehamish's bum and bunny ears.
Are they not sweet, curled up on his bed.
And speak of the devil
 thehamish sleeps with the tip of his tongue peeking out.

 big yawn

 This is so theamish !
He is a hoot.
 yert !

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Two Square Dogs coming down the lane from their walk.
thehamish, look at thoes bunny ears, on the left and gud dug Watson with son.

gud. . . parsnip
music. . . The Power of Love,  Huey Lewis and The News

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday in Japan...Akashi Bridge Tour

I have blogged many times about my love of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Also called the Pearl Bridge.
Both my sons were able to take the tour last summer, that took them up to the top of the bridge. So envious !
I have seen the bridge from the land, the Tako Ferry and a car ride but never from above. Maybe I should put this on my list of things I want to see on my next trip.
I think this is a terrific photo, beside my love of the subject the composition, colors and the feel of the photo is wonderful.

pearl. . . parsnip
music. . . Naoko (Crossing Paths) OST The Wind Rises

Monday, March 17, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . a little spring

Since Tucson didn't have a winter this year,  spring has come super early.
In fact it has been spring for over a month. The wild flowers are blooming.
In fact I am still harvesting tomatoes from last years plants.
I am gong to buy two new tomato plants today 
and maybe my second Meyers Lemon tree.

 Fruit and blooms on the Meyers Lemon tree.
This tree blooms and has fruit all year.
I just finished the last of these sweet lemons I picked last week.
I can't wait till these ripen.

 Not sure you can see all the blooms and still some fruit peeking out
of the Tangelo tree.
 Sweet Orange tree in back of the Tangelo,
still has plenty of fruit.

 Tangelo up high that we still need to pick.

 The one I picked and ate this morning.
The fruit of a tangelo is bright eye searing orange !
A lovely way to start the day.

 I planted some tiny Prickley Pear pads in some very tiny pots I had.
Forgetting they held some tiny Grape Hyacinths bulbs from last spring. They grew around the cactus but stopped at this height. I am hoping to see some blooms soon.

 I usually cut the grass every week but it is growing so fast that I am going to cut it 
twice a week ! It is a jungle out there.
thehamish has to really lift his short little legs up trying to walk through it.
But he usually just charges through full speed anways, he is so funny.

And... here is your pretty to start the week

Of Course !
Dr. Watson and thehamish

spring. . . parsnip
music. . . The Hill Were The Lord Hides,  Chuck Mangione

Friday, March 14, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . the kitchen sink

I can't believe it is Friday already !
Where did the week go ?
Well, if your lucky enough to be a Little Square Black Dog 
then every day is Square Dog Friday.
But even though The Square Ones are always plotting they can only have one blog day !
It is in their contract only one day, and that is Friday.
Plus a undisclosed amount of chicken strips.
Today we have some this and that photos.
In other words everything and the kitchen sick.
The Square Ones have been so sleepy,  I get to narrate today.

 Watson sleeping in the chair just like my Little Square Black Dog, Kirbey did.
We call it Kirbey's chair.

 OK, how many pillows does thehamish need ?
The answer is...
Three pillows and a stuffed animal.
It turned out a bit blurry, the light wasn't very good
 but I wanted the shot before thehamish moved.

Watson and thehamish  helping me folding some laundry, while sleeping.
What can I say.
yert !

 thehamish likes to burrow.
I have a huge pillow on the floor in the library/tv room 
and he is always burrowing under it.
Here he is burrowing under and getting tangled up in one of the blankets 
that I have for them to curl up in.
I assume ? he thinks he is completely covered up. 
But I really never know what is going on in his very tiny brain.
oh yes I do,  chkikin' chkikin' chkikin'  strips gud !
yert !

 Here are the cousin looking out their very first screen door to their 
very beautiful back yard that is in their new home !
Waldie the little prince, Truffles with the waggie tail that never stops
and Bowie the cat.
All lined up and so happy.
Photo from one of their Mums.

Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend and a answer to a question for Weaver.

 Here is the bowl of Tangelos, that I wrote about on my last post.
I am so lucky to have a 45 (?) year old Tangelo tree producing in what is left 
of my small citrus grove.
Tucson had a horrible super freeze 4 years ago that wiped out most of my citrus trees.
But this tree although very stunted now it is finally producing some of the best fruit ever.
Weaver asked what is a Tangelo ?
Tangelo are a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo or grapefruit. 
It is a large fruit about the size of your fist 
but very easy to peel like a tangerine or clementine.
It taste close to a tangerine and so sweet and juicy.
The house smells so good when you eat one.

orange. . . parsnip
music. . . Gimme Some Lovin',  Spencer Davis Group

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . Espresso

One of the smaller projects going on at my home right now,
was buliding some shelves  in the wall over the coffee/espresso machine.
Ha ! you ask,  how does this relate to Japan you ask ?
Well, it seems all my espresso cups are from Japan.
Sneaky me right ?
Over the years every time I go to Japan I buy a Totoro cup. 
But the next trip I will just buy the last few cups to complete
 "The Months of Tororo" set.

I remember one trip, I came back with a suitcase full of dishes. 
Only one small soy dish was broke !
The only exception are the two red cups on the bottom left that are from a shop in Tucson.


 I am still playing around which cups would go where.
Now I can see them better every day.

Here is your mid week pretty.
Every two day son goes out to pick some Tangelos from the tree. We are trying to finish up the fruit as the tree is covered with blooms.

 I just love the way he always has a few leaves on the fruit.
So pretty.
  And here is my very own rainbow.


awwwww a baby rainbow !

coffee. . . parsnip
music. . . Bellavia,  Chuck Mangione