Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Koguma-Chan

Happy Birthday Koguma-Chan, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Happy Birthday to Mia or Koguma-Chan.... my I year old granddaughter
who lives in Japan with her super fabulous Mum and Daddy !

Before she was born Mia's nickname was Koguma-Chan which means Little
Mia's Mum Yuko, calls Daddy David, Kuma-Chan, which means Big Bear so
Mia became Little Bear.

The Tiger on her Birthday card is because she was born in the year of
the Tiger.
So now Mia's Mummy and Daddy have have a little tiger/bear on their
hands ... Oh My !

I miss not living closer to Koguma-Chan to see her grow-up but that
also means I am the fabulous crazy grandmother from America.
Oh what fun we will have !

Mia is so lucky to have such a wonderful family who surrounds her with
From her Japanese Oba-chan, who is the most lovely Grandmother to
Yuko's sisters who are the best Aunts ever ! Plus a wonderful circle
of extended family and friends !
She is one lucky Baby Girl ! and so am I to be her grandmumzilla !

If you click on Koguma-Chan's blog on my side bar her Daddy posted
some birthday photos !

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music. . . Happy Birthday, Shikao Suga

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...

Memorial Day..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

May 30 is Memorial Day in America.
It is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our national

I wonder how many people today know this.

It seems today Memorial Day is known as the start of summer, driving
to the beach or mountains and a day to barbeque.
I think the barbeque tradition started years ago, after watching the
parade in town, a flag ceremony and putting flags on the the graves of
our veterans, you had all the family over and enjoyed the rest of the
I am not sure when it became a day for sales to buy appliances,
furniture and cars but it did.

I remember reading a blog last year, were the writer stated that there
is no room in his life for war. He posted this on a day to honor fallen
soldiers not war.
The irony was he was able to enjoy the freedom to say that because a
solider fought in a war many years ago so he could have the freedom to
express his thoughts.

Your not able to do that in many places in the world today, especially if your a woman. I personally do not want to wear a burka, no health care, mutated because of some tradition a man thought up or have no chance to be educated.

No matter what you feel about war ( who in their right mind wants
war ? ? ? ) the day is to honor the person who died so we can live
in freedom.
This blogger had the right to say whatever he wants on his blog as I
do to not read it anymore. That is a freedom we have here in America
and in Canada where the blogger lives.

So as I am not able to buy a poppy sold by a veteran, watch a parade
or visit a ceremony held at an Air Base, I wrote a check to the USO.

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music. . . The Star Spangled Banner

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Yuko !

Happy Birthday Yuko !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Happy Birthday to my fabulous and I mean FABULOUS ! Daughter In Law.

I wish I could be there to help celebrate your special day because for
your American side of the family, this is a really special day for us
It's the day you were born.
That means David got to meet you while studying at University in
Japan, you got married and we all became a family.
Lucky Lucky Lucky us !

Now for the Mum in law mess up. . . beside the fact I really dislike
saying mother in law what a strange name that is ?
anyways that is why I renamed my self mumzilla. . . another story for
another day.

Somehow I wrote your Birthday down on the 27 not the 26th ? Guess I
really need those reading glasses !
So between the fact my today is really your yesterday, which means my
tomorrow is your today and that I should have written this blog
yesterday so that it would be your correct today and would make it
the right day for my blog ! ? ! !

@_@ I'm getting seasick !

Thank Goodness we spoke about gifts, trips and the cards are in the
mail that now for sure are late ! 7 to 10 mailing days always seems
too long.

Your American family really messed up because of ME ! ! !

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music. . . Lucky To Know You, Blue Merle

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

A change of plans from the post I had planed to write about Japan

Today it is about the glory that is Japanese potato salad.
In this photo the salad is on right side of this dish.
check out the post below .

now the Tucson connection ....

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona at a time when you didn't have air
conditioned homes or schools. 60+ years ago...
Lunches were packed with foods that didn't have anything that could
spoil. Mayonnaise was a food that we just never used. Even in my home
we never slather sandwiches or salads with mayo. We used different
mustards and chutneys.

To this day the only time I use mayonnaise is when I splurge on a
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.

Imagine my surprise when we traveled and I ate the potato, pasta
salads swimming in mayo and salad cream. The mid-west and the south in
the America was really different food experience. Quite a few places
on my first trip the the UK too.
Except for my mothers potato salad, Fabulous, I never ate it anywhere again and
I never made it myself.
Till I went to Japan.

Oh my goodness the perfect potato salad at lest for me.

My daughter the talented mollybot, has researched the Japanese Potato
Salad and came up with her own version for her Bento Boxes.
The above photo is my first try at making it.

sliced one Japanese or Persian cucumbers paper thin, salted put in a
plastic bag squeeze all the air out and put in the refrigerator.
chopped potatoes and carrots boiled till tender, drain don't rinse.
sprinkled with rice wine vinegar, salt add a pinch of sugar.
partially mash the carrots and potatoes, make sure to leave lots of
take the cucumber out of the refrigerator that have wilted and
released a lot of water squeeze all the excess water out and add to
the potatoes.
add a little Japanese mayonnaise and mix together.
taste and adjust vinegar/mayo/salt/sugar.

I like Japanese mayonnaise because it is very light and mild flavor
and you don't need to use a lot so that is very nice.
If you can't find Japanese mayo use any good mayonnaise but remember
since you have mashed some of the potatoes it will be very creamy to
start with.

Thanks mollybot what a fabulous treat for me !

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music. . . Tonari No Totoro, Joe Hisaishi

Monday, May 23, 2011

parley view parsnip...

parley view parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Can you see Fred, my Gila monster ?

ready for my close-up...

ready for my close-up..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My Monday post about what is going on around my home in Tucson, Arizona.

Another Monday post about Fred.
We have been seeing a lot of Fred lately. I am not sure why but he
likes to hang out late afternoon/early evening on my long driveway
near the street. He is usually in the shade from my west side stone
wall, just laying around enjoying the view. I don't mind seeing him
although I fear for his safety. Thank goodness I live in a quiet rural
like area in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. I have lots of
wildlife moseying by from Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Javelinas, Hawks,
Birds, and all sorts of snakes, rodents and the yucky spider things.

I think this is Fred because the other Gila Monster, Ethel has
pinkish background for the wonderful basket weave markings and
somewhere little Ricky is running around try to hiss at anything rock,
cactus or me !

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music. . . Skin, Is My. . . Andrew Bird

Friday, May 20, 2011

Studio Ghibli Zen...

My family knows how much of a fan I am of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazak and Totoro ! I also have mentioned it a few times on this blog.
My son Adam sent me this You Tube and I thought I would send it on for some weekend fun.

If I played a video game this would be it ! Minecraft is interesting game but add Studio Ghibli and it becomes much more. Plus any game that has a flying Totoro that you can build from blocks is just fabulous !
The music alone from this clip makes me tear up as I remember the movies they were in. If you have ever seen a Hayoa Miyazak movie the music by Joe Hisaishi pulls you in and envelopes you in the magic.

Have a wonderful weekend !

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music. . . One Summer's Day, Joe Hisaishi

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday In Japan. . .

Wednesday In Japan. . ., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Driving on to the Tako Ferry for the last time. . .

Tako Ferry. . .

Tako Ferry. . ., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Inside the ferry looking Toward Awaji Island

Awaji Island...

Awaji Island..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

More Tako Ferry...

I know by now you might be tired of hearing about Tako Ferry, see my
last Wednesday post. . .
but ... hey it's my blog and if I must be boring, what better place,
right? no ? yes ?

This is the Tako Ferry's dock at Awaji Island. The city hugs the
fringe of the island because as you can see take two steps and your in
the rolling hill and mountainside.
Yes, that is a huge Ferris wheel in the distance. The very best ever
auto park rest area is right there. Fun zone on one side of the
highway , rest area, fabulous restaurants with shopping on the other.
Next Wednesday post will have the food court and shopping area.

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music. . . Someday In Somewhere, OST Someday

photos by mollybot

Monday, May 16, 2011

parley view parsnip...

parley view parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Mondays post about what is going on around my home...

Close but not close enough !

Well huge dust-up around here...
Hamish is upset Watson had his photo on last Mondays post ! He is
rather miffed ! So I had to make sure he got some equal time. You
can see he doesn't know Watson walked in the photo just at the last
moment. Lets just keep it that way. Or maybe he does and is more
miffed !

Hamish has to be with me at all times as close as he can. He has even
tripped me up several times as he walks so close to me. If I move he
is right there, just like a herding dog he pops up and if I stop he
drops down.
We call him my little shadow but stalker is more like it.

When I work at my desk there are lots of pillows around my studio for
their comfort but the one they love the best is right under my desk.
Right now I am working on some torn paper cards. Just finished one
and cleaned up so can start on the next one.

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music. . . Drive My Car, The Beatles
I have been playing a lot of older Beatles songs lately.

Friday, May 13, 2011

allium oschaninii...

allium oschaninii..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Found at Lee Lee Market the most lovely small shallots !

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music. . . Mustang Sally, Wilson Pickett

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Tako Ferry with the Akashi Kaiko Bridge in the background. October,

Tako Ferry

Tako Ferry, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

One of my favorite places to visit on my trips to Japan was the Tako
Ferry that ran from the Akashi Hyogo Port to Awaji-Island Iwaya Port.
About a 20 minute ride for cars, peoples and bikers on the best
decorated ferries I have ever seen.
This ferry runs next to the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which besides being
very beautiful is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

I'm not sure when this ferry started (it was much needed) but after
the completion of the bridge in 1998 I guess the ridership dropped ?
because the ferry closed down at the end of 2010. I am so sad ! I
always looked forward to that ferry ride.
I didn't know about the closing when I was there last October and I am
so glad Japanese Son made sure that he planned one of our day trips
routes so I got to ride the ferry, as it turns out, one last time.
What seems strange is every time we rode on the ferry it was
completely full and people and cars were always lined up for the next

It was so much fun ! Thanks Japanese Son.

sad. . . parsnip
music. . . Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, OST

photos taken by my Arizona Son
Tako = octopus

Monday, May 9, 2011

parley view parsnip

parley view parsnip, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

What a super hard life ! napping in the sunlight, in an air-
conditioned home in the desert !

The sunlight is from the skylight in the entry way by the front door.
Watson was just back from his Herbal Body Wrap Treatment as we like to
call a visit to the groomers.

Oh, to live my dogs life !

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music. . . Que Veux Tu, Yelle

Friday, May 6, 2011

cookies !

cookies !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Love these cookies !

Daughter and friend came to spend a few days in Tucson to celebrate
mollybot's birthday and spend some time in the sun and pool. Since
growing up and leaving for University and jobs, I have rarely been
able to celebrate Birthdays with any of my children. So to have the
mollybot here was a huge treat for me.

Friend, "garbo laugh's" came along and fun ensued. These cookies were
sent as a thank you.

The cookies are celebrating Tango No Sekku or Boys Day on May 5.
Wrapped in lovely blue paper the fabulous cookie tin is filled with
L'espoir butter cookies (favorite) and are a speciality of Kobe.
Koinobori the carp themed decorations and wind sock are seen
everywhere on this day.

Thank You "garbo laugh's " you being here and helping celebrating
mollybot's day was lovely and I appreciate the thought and great
cookies !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Nice Day, Persephone's Bees

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday in Japan..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The Gardens of The Adachi Museum of Art, Yasugi City, Shimane

The founder Adachi Zenko believed that a Japanese Garden is also a
living painting and the Adachi Museum has become famous for its
extensive gardens and wonderful collection of Modern Japanese paintings.

There are several garden settings, from a Moss, White Gravel, Pine,
Dry landscape to the Pond garden. Each has it own attraction and they
change beautifully with the seasons.
I bought the book filled with photos of the garden changing with the
seasons and I was enamored of the Winter views.

rainy. . . parsnip
music. . . Silk closing theme, Silk OST

The Gardens of The Adachi Museum

A rainy overcast morning makes the garden and the colors so vibrant,
you can see the rain drops on the rock left front.

Monday, May 2, 2011

parlay view parsnip...

parlay view parsnip..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

My Mondays post about what is going on around my home.

Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona
Located in the Tucson Mountains on the west side of the city, this
National Park embraces a variety of plants, animals and my favorite
the magnificent Saguaro Cactus.
A symbol of the American Southwest the Saguaro is a native plant of
the Sonoran Desert and it's primarily found in Southern Arizona.
The saguaro grows slowly about an inch a year to the height of 15 to
50 feet and can average 200 years old.
So when I see this massive amount of Saguaros clustered in one area it
is absolutely overwhelming beautiful !

Most of the world has forests of trees, we in Tucson have a forest of
Saguaros !

prickly. . . parsnip
music. . . Ain't No Saguaro In Texas, Reverend Horton Heat