Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Trying to take a photo !

Trying to take a photo for John's blog.
"This is me"
gud dugs are like kids, never quite right at the same time.

 Agatha has a cookie in her mouth and Winston wants it.

need cookie. . . . .

Love my 50's sunglasses !
None of these photos came out well but 
here is the best one wahha ha hahahahahaha ha 
Not gud not gud at all !
Here is your midweek pretty,
Some monsoons clouds.

I destroyed my old phone and bought a new one.  Since I DROP everything now I picked out a what
I thought was a good phone (phone is just fine) with a nice camera. 
Well I should have gone with the S10 that really has the best camera.  I only use my phone camera now. When I take photos like this one the colors were so bright and in your face, that I realize I should have opted for the better camera.  Oh Well there's always tomorrow !

Stay cool if you can, take care !
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 26, 2019

Square Gud Dug Friday. . .

woof !


Back from the groomers !

Evening storm.

Agatha is not happy !

 When Agatha gets upset or barks her hair on her head and shoulders stands up.
Her first time with the Thunder Shirt.

 iwinston is the king of photobombs!


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

 Oliver curls up.



Merida and Oliver

cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Terrific Tuesday !

Granddaughter sends me her schoolwork all the time.

 This is a poem she wrote. I love the way she draws on her work and there is always a Scotty somewhere.

Her is her poem.

I Love Drawing
There are many colors to draw with
With your love you can bring your pictures to life
Brush, brush. Brush brush. It's so fun.
Drawing drawing drawing drawing. I love it.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, July 19, 2019

Square Dog Friday, Bark Box is here !

woofwoofwoof woof who's be makin' noise at my door

 what is this iwinston be seein' 

 smells like gud duggs' and fud

 yesh iwinston bein' right it is fud and squeekies

 iwinston is guitar gud dug

 wooooohooo  you be liken' me iwinston

 hubbahubba woohoooooooooo

 yesh gud dug travelin' man

 who is that more gud fud

 yesh iwinston is gud dug maybe agatha liken'
 guitar music

 playin' gud song for agatha

yea yea yea... she be liken them
iwinston luve ya' yea yea yea

agatha destroyed the squeeky before the video


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
Starting up my photos of vegetables and fruit again.


update :
Agatha is having problems with the thunder and lighting sounds from the monsoons.
It is so hard to see her so upset, pacing back and forth shaking and drooling.
She is on some pills but they really are not working.
We think her former people kept her outside in the bad weather up in the high mountains.
I am watching the weather report to find out when the storms will blow in so that I can 
give her the pill early to help calm her.
iwinston is on medication now for his thyroid. The vet said he has "little old dog disease"
It is not at all common in a 2 year old Gud Dug. He tested out so low that they ran the test twice.
She is concerned  with his numbers and so am I. He is taking his pill (cream cheese please!) 
twice a day.
He will be retested in 4 weeks and I have to keep an eye on him. He is still not eating and 
seems to tire after a few minutes of play. 
He is not the same Little Black Tank crashing through whatever is in his way. 
Never thought I would I miss his crazy !

If you have a Google page look at the animation for the Moon Landing.
The artwork and animation is wonderful.

Have a great weekend
cheers,  parsnip