Monday, April 30, 2018

Prickly Pear Blooms

As asked, I will try to remember to take more photos of more of the blooming cactus.
They all bloom at different times.

Here are some blooms from the Prickly Pear Cactus.

Full of Buds ready to bloom.



Prickly Pear Pads with the fruit.

Beware of the Prickly Pear Fruit Zombie !


As always here is your pretty for the beginning of the week.



I just love this baby iwinston photo

 My drawing of Prickly Pear Pads.

Different light, this is more like my finish drawing.

Of course the bloom that started it all from last week.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, April 27, 2018

Square Dog Friday, Winson laundry

Square Dog Friday !
Best day of the week.

iwinson is working very hard doing his laundry.

He was not sure about the toys going around and around
then stopping and going around and around again.
He is still learning about everyday stuff.


nice tall person who feeds me said time to wash toys


 not knowin'what that is

 put all toys in round white thing

 lookin' at it making whooshin' sound

 know knowin' what that sound lookin' like is

 takin' wet toys

 to other round white noise maker

 put wet toys inside

 turn machin' on and toys going around

 thump thump thumpin' thump

 when done

 oh gud nice clean warm toys to chew'
laundry is veryhard yougots' to wait and wait and wait


Here is your pretty for the weekend.
 Fun plant called Bear Paws.

 Friend S calles them Badger Paws.

 Badgers Paws

  I lurve them.

cheers,  parsnip

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Square Dog Origami

 Early morning play time with a very scruffy iwinston !

yesh iwinston had playtime with nice tall person who feeds me

Scotty origami.

Find a Scotty

flatten out the Scotty

fold over center and crease

open up

refold the other side

fold the bottom edge up to the horizontal crease

align with the center crease on both sides

turn over

fold the two top corners down

fold the top down

to meet the bottom side

Lurve this one,  just  look at the sweet puppy paws.

Fuff up the Scotty.
Give lots of huggles, you are now finish.
Now you can enjoy your Scotty, Good Luck !

Here is your pretty for today.

The Prickly Pear are starting to bloom.
Tissue thin petals of beautiful colors on pads with very sharp thorns.

 One of my very special Prickly Pear Cactus.
The bloom should be a paler pink with a dark center.
It was stressed out with the construction, packrats, water and strange weather.

I took this photo 2 days ago. Look at all the buds on the top of Prickly Pear pad.

This is what is looks like today.

On the left side of the photo there are over 35 buds ready to bloom.
Tomorrow the red bloom will turn more orange.

I was looking over to the left and notice several bite marks in the pads.
And one with a circle chew in it.

Do not know how and what ate that ?

cheers,  parsnip