Friday, March 29, 2019

Square Dog Friday with Agatha

Hello !
Best day of the week is here...
Square Dog Friday.
woof !

Today Agatha gets top billing.
I thought you might like to see Dr. Agatha in action. If you wait to the 
very end and have the sound on loud, you can hear a iwinston grunt.

Some stuff that happened this week.

 You can see the Evil Cat Spy dressed as a gud dug.

 Loved the way they were both sitting outside and enjoying the spring day.
I tried to take a quick photo before they moved but Agatha heard me, iwinston doesn't care.
Since I was in the kitchen I got this funny reflection of a flying bowl of clementines.
Area 51 is near.

 Agatha, always has to see me or if she is off somewhere to run back and find me
and then takes off again. She has to know where I am and be near. 
We were at the Vets (again) and she sat on my foot when ever she could.
So adorable but sad also. I hope she is happy and feel somewhat secure.

 This is the door to the garage and after Son left iwinston decided to wait 
there till he came back. He loves to greet us when we come home and
of course we love to see him all happy. Just the best feeling ever.
He is a love and we all adore him.


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 Went to a spur of the moment dinner. Devoured the Daikon Salad and forgot to take a photo.
It was very gud  so very gud !

I found this Pinterest (?) I love it. Sorry, this computer photo is a bit blurry. 
It makes me happy and teary at the same time.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 22, 2019

The Toy

Square Dog Friday is here !
Lets woof it.


As you can see these poor poor poor gud dugs have no toys 
so they have to play with the only one they have.
Oh My Goodness !

 iwinston showing new recruit Agatha Tallulah
her new security job.

 iwinston is always on duty protecting our home.

 Agatha blends in and with my bad eyesight I am always losing her.
I rather like little black gud dugs, I can see them.

 here we are nice tall person who feeds us
we are needin' cookies many cookies

 yesh iwinston is gud dug

agatha is gud dug


Here is as always, your pretty to start the weekend.

I wasn't able to stop and take a photo when the cloud was all golden pink.
You can see some rain trying to drop but drying up before it hit the ground.
Tucson has wonderful  clouds and sunsets.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 15, 2019

Report Card ! not gud

Square Dog Friday... best day of the week
woof !

3 month Report
Oh No !

 Agatha Tallulah, better known as Danger Noodle.
She is so long, has tall legs and is a ninji.

Scotties have ankles and footies that is all.
So having a gud dug with long legs is very different for us.

 She is working on her gud dug security guard duty pose.
Her working name is Captain Danger Noodle.

 Agatha's part time Surgery is still going wonderful.

 Doctor Agatha finishing a face lift.

 Here is the problem, she wants to be inside all the time. 
We know the former person was a hoarder and kept all the dogs outside.
I am working on her potty training, strangers (barking)  and being left alone.  
She had to go to the Vet for a day for tests and it was so very sad leaving her.
She ran out the door and sat by the car wanting to come home.
When she came back she has been my shadow, glued to my side again at all times.
We are working with her and it she getting better everyday. 
We love her she is a sweetheart but naughty. We enjoy the naughty.

 Please let me in !

 Wind blown iwinston is the exact opposite. 
He likes/wants to be outside all the time he loves it. Wet, cold even snow
he loves it ! I have to drag him inside, especially when it is dark outside.
That is main Coyote time.

He has a very wavy coat right now because he is always wet.
He loves running around in the rain and the wind.
Such a gud dug but so very weird ! 

 I always say if you like cats you will love Scotties. They are the cats of "Dogdom".
He likes boxes very much but really likes to destroy them.

 This is the chair my first Scotty Kirby loved to sit in. 
Watson, thehamish and now iwinston love to curl up in it.
It is the number one treasure in my will.

 What a gud dug he is.


cuddle time

just very cute time.

Three small pieces of Christmas Coal

 Destroyed !


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Beautiful things from Radley, London.

Scotty and his friends.

Scotty and more Scotties.

cheers,  parsnip


When I got up at 6:30 Friday morning I had a "Line" message  from my
Japanese Son who is in New Zealand right now.
He is the head of the International Studies program at his Japanese University.
Right now he has a group that is studying English at Christchurch University.

He said "I didn't have to search long for all his students who were spread out
across the area. All are back and safe and they were on lock down for a while.

He bought Fish and Chips for all the students and they sent an
"all safe student photo" to everyone.  Thank Goodness !

I said a prayer for the people who were killed in this violent act.
This is so very sad and beyond stupid.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Square Dog Friday... we didn't do it. . .

Square Dog Friday, best day of the week.
woof !

footie prints. . .

 we be playin'

 lots' of performanceart art is gud we be likin' it

 lots' of playin'

 ummmmmm we be pullin' all the toys out

nice tall person who feeds us is sayin' we be messy
we be lookin'at the mess ummmmm art we be makin'
 agatha be sorry iwinston not so much iwinston is artist
art be messy

 we be makin' gud dug performance art

where is agatha ?

 iwinston not be knowin'


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend !

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, March 1, 2019

Square Dog Friday, leftovers

Leftovers !

 Drinking melted snow water from the roof.
He has water dishes in the house and one outside but he drinks the roof water ?
He is such a funny gud dug.

Release the Kraken and the Angler Fish

 ooooooooouu gudgud gud

minemineminemine mine

nurrrrf burfff nuff

mineminemine mine mine

gurrrrnurf foof


gurftt mine


 As always here is your pretty to start the weekend

Days are warm in the 70's but you can still see the snow up higher.
Mt. Lemon to the right and much higher is still covered pure white with snow.

 iwinstonon patrol workin' is never done work work barkbark woof
iwinston barkin' coyote away

 always on security duty iwinston be workin'

cheers,  parsnip