Friday, August 26, 2022

Monsoon !

 The monsoons this year have really helped everything grow/bloom like crazy. Plus the clouds and sunsets have been outstanding beautiful.

                   In my last few years I have only seen 2 blooms. This year this is the 3rd set of blooms.



Here is the pretty to start the weekend. 

cheers,  parsnip

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Feels like a moving day

 I had my floors cleaned and sealed, so that means that everything even Two Square Dogs needed to be off the floors ! The floors look fabulous but now I do not want to put anything back on the floors. That means crates, Gud Dugs, dishes and the pillows that are all over.

Oh my goodness do I have way too much stuff. Here I thought I was pretty good at not over stuffing the home and I see too many things ! It is so easy to add but so hard to toss away. Especially when your home was destroyed in a wildfire.

                                              Waking up with poofy hair and a boo boo face. 

                                                    Pillows and of course a favorite blue one.

                                       Crates pillows,  blankets with Gud Dugs  sitting on top.

                   Two Squares Dogs.They spend most of the day with me in the studio,  
                                           Doors to go out and lots of toys and pillows.

The weather has been overcast with grey clouds. Lots of rain with flooding. Looks just like winter storms and not the summer  monsoons but the hills have greened up and look wonderful.


 So very green, even all the burned scars have new growth.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, August 12, 2022

Square Dog Friday. . . lots of rain

                                                            Lots of rain/flooding and hot weather. 

I love this photo. I didn't take it but it shows a small rain just passing by. Stand on one side of the road your wet the other side very dry. 

                                                            Some cute square gud dugs

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, August 5, 2022

Square Dog Friday...Rain Lighting and Thunder

                     Lots of rain storms and Agatha doesn't like it at all some old and new photos of her hiding.

                                         Agatha loves to hide under the daybed in the studio.
                           We are stuffing some pillows under there also to help muffle the sound.

                                     Among all of Agatha's jobs she is now a Home Designer.     
                                                She has taken up remaking the bed I have made. 

                                                             She does a great job. Much better.

iwinston will sleep anywhere. 


                Any pillow or sunny place will do for iwinston. He especially loves his blue pillow.

Here is your pretty for the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, August 1, 2022

What crazy is this.

Some good and bad news....

..On hot days the Quail and Bunnies dig in the dirt where the drip system waters the plants and then cools off in the damp earth. 
In the back side yard I have two shallow ponds that have water and a fountain.

iwinston always wants to go out especially in the cooler weather. When he was a puppy he would curl up and nap right at the edge of the door to my studio. Even in the hot weather he is outside and having a nap and I have to keep calling him in to cool off.

Evening kitchen photo out to the backyard.

                    Sweet Agatha who is on massive drugs to survive the bad monsoon storms.

                                     Handsome iwinston who the storms really do not upset him.., 


                                                                            The crazy news.

 I have spent off and on  several days trying to get this posted. 
Japanese Son will be here near the end of August to get me a new computer and phone. Just trying to hang on till he gets here.
So as you can see I am having no luck getting comments posted on my friends blog.  
Hopefully next month I will be back. Till then I might post a blog 
Maybe ?

cheers parsnip