Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The anchor baby and me

Yesterday post was about my Mum, today is about me.
I am a high risk pregnancy because of the death of my baby Nicole 
and almost death of my son David.
So my next baby was born at the Hospital in Orange, California that has a Children's Hospital (neonatal unit) next to it. Just waiting for my baby.
I went to hospital and deliver a healthy baby, thank goodness.
The lady in the next bed to me in the room was very young Hispanic.
Since the Hospital was a teaching Catholic hospital, everyone gets care. 
We both had caesarean deliveries, ate the same food, had doctors check us, she had never seen her doctor till the birth, I had seen my doctors, so basically everything the same but...
Before I left with my baby I had  a stack of papers to read and sign.  A social security number for my baby and bills to be paid beyond my insurance.
My roommate left with a baby, and a stack of papers to sign, for social security, aid to dependent children, food stamps, government agencies that she could sign up for programs and all the church groups that would feed and clothe her. Plus section 8 housing.
I paid for her baby birth and all the free items she was now going to receive
from my hospital bill and tax dollars.
Fast forward 28years.
Right before I moved from California to Arizona I read in the paper about a young  Hispanic couple  that was so upset. Seems the extra government program they were in was closing down in a month. They had a 15 month old child and were expecting another and they needed the program because "you know how expensive diapers and formula is !'
Well yes I do ! I know how expensive babies are.
Well sure enough they just signed up for another program and were very happy.
If you can't afford one child how can you afford another and another and another ?
Well you can if the government keeps paying you to have children.
What about the need of our newly homeless that have been downsized. Senior Citizen who have to chose what bills they pay that month or buy food and returning Veterans.
What care and help do they get ?
A Veteran has to wait for an appointment at a VA Hospital for months and could possibly die before seeing one, as the papers had shown. But if your an illegal you go into any hospital you can get immediate care and can have a baby too !

Another reason why having waves of more illegal Hispanic mothers and children invading the border states is nothing different for us. We see it and pay for them everyday.
Sounds harsh, you bet but many of us are overwhelmed.

Tomorrow Education !
This is the one that makes me cry.


  1. i remember once sarge going into the va hospital here in wpb for ptsd. he was told the wait was a year. a YEAR! when will we stand by our own? ever?

    hugs, bee


    1. I try not to use the word hate but I absolute HATE the way our government treats our returning veterans. Weather or not you believe in war this is not way to treat our people.

  2. That's the problem. Our government is so busy taking care of anyone and everyone who manages to get across our borders that they forget the needs of those who are legal citizens. Our veterans, men and women who fought for our country certainly deserve priority.

    1. Our infrastructure is crumbling and instead we are/become a nation who cares what other think instead of saying NO. we need to rebuild and starting with Us. How can you help others if you are broken.

  3. Our nhs has it's knockers
    But your country needs one


  4. Replies
    1. yept ! big time...
      and I do not want to say it is this simple but the extreme bleeding heart liberals have taken the whole name calling to an art form. If you don't agree with them you are a bigot raciest.

  5. I'm sorry to read about Nicole.. Glad you had David in your life and had another healthy baby.
    Your experience at the hospital is just so wrong. Why government keeps helping those who make no effort and just take advantage of the system. Like you mentioned, what about veterans who fought for the country, senior citizens who should be.enjoying life after working for all years. I don't understand...

    1. Do not get me wrong I embrace legal immigration. I just don't think people know how many illegals are in this country and how they have changed our middle class for the worst.

  6. I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed. The situation simply isn't FAIR.

    1. It has changed our middle class for the worst.