Wednesday, October 31, 2012

today a tiny story and a question...

No Wednesday In Japan or Wednesday with Waldie
but a story and a question today.
Regular programming is interrupted for today...

what she sayin' ?
yert !

 I am a nerd, love science fiction, history, maps, clouds and most of all mysteries.

When I was younger my Mum and I would watch and read all sorts of mysteries together.
One of my earliest mystery remembrance was watching The 39 Steps, by Alfred Hitchcock with Mum late one night, I think I was first year in High School at the time
Later when at University and  I got home late from working at my job after classes, we would sit there and watch what ever mystery was on the Tucson Saturday Night Show.

Fast forward to today and I still love to watch the mysteries on TV from Murder She Wrote, Law and Order, to my UK favorites, Rosemary and Thyme, Midsomer Murders, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, anything by Agatha Christie and my new favorite Murder In Suburbia.
Love the theme song, the two main actress have  good fun playing off each other. The mysteries can be figured out fairly easy but it is a fun watch.
Law and Order UK is interesting because of the different court system. Plus the Judges and Lawyers all wear the great robes and wigs so you think "Oh My Goodness" they are so intelligent. Must be the accent to my American ears.
But then I did watch Rumpol of the Bailey so maybe not.

But then the UK blew up my Law and Order dream world last week  !
Yes, I know TV is different from real life especially shows about the law but just go with me for a moment.

I have the BBC World News on my computer.
Any news I have read about this story came from the BBC.
The US papers are not following this story or not the papers I read.
Here is my question or confusion. 

Last week on BBC it was all about British computer hacker Gary McKinnon not being extradited to the US.

Last week, Home Sectary Teresa May announced that extradition would breech his human rights. She said "Mr McKinnon is accused of serious crimes but there is no doubt he is serious ill.
Now remember this comment for later....
Quick re-cap
Ten years ago Gary McKinnon  who has Asperger's syndrome and depressive illness,  was 36 when he hacked into several American East Coast military bases. He stole and wiped out codes, stole information and generally when on a search and destroy. His excuse was he was looking for UFO's.
He has been fighting extradition for ten years. 
He didn't break into any UK military bases and god knows the UK have so much more UFO's  and aliens than America. With the crop circles and  Stonehenge alone but he chose East Coast America Military bases to look for UFO"S

Now we all know if your are looking for UFO's that you would check out Area 51 and the military bases near the Mohave Desert.... Not the East Coast of America.
 UFOs ? 

But what really tops this all off was the BBC article I read quoting his Mother. She said this ten year battle to keep her son from horrible America has been hard, as a Mum I do agree and  sympathize with her. What a hard ten years.
But then she goes on to say.... he hasn't had a holiday in ten years.
Oh the horror, no holidays for ten year all because he hacked into Military Bases in America ?

If he is so ill as Teresa May stated why is he out and about and in one BBC story I read using the computer.
God, I hope I read that wrong !
Now I wonder how this would have played out if he had hacked into UK's military bases, destroyed codes, mucking about plus cost the government massive amounts of money.
The security of the nation comprised.

Just think if McKinnom had hacked into China's military computers ! 
This could have been a scary possibility.

Why would you let a "serious ill"  Teresa May's words, hacker go free ?
Where was his Mother, if he was so "serious ill" ten years ago ?
Why was she not monitoring his actions?

 If McKinnon is really this "seriously ill" and really can't be extradited to the US to stand trial... he should be tried in The World Court and Interpol should red flag him.
 He needs to be sent to a some sort of facility/hospital where he can get treatment for his depression and his Asperger's be monitored  and NEVER again be allowed to use a computer, iphone, tablet or internet ever again.

Much of this UK's decision falls on America and other nations, computers need to be safeguarded but  hackers are hackers.
The UK just extradited Abu Hamzabut not McKinnon ?
probably the correct decision but... 
What constitutes mental health or intent ? This is indeed a very slippery slope.

What interested me is why did he just hack America military bases ?
Why not the UK's or France, China or Russia ?

As Davis Rivkin said "Under  this logic anyone can claim some kind of physical or mental problem to commit crimes with impunity and get away with it.
From what I have read in the BBC's reporting it is tiny little David standing up to the horrible abusive Goliath America. 

I personally don't want him locked away in jail if he is indeed "serious ill" but he can't be left on his own and someone  must take responsibility for his actions if he can not.

His Mother and Teresa May might be a good starting point here.

Now excuse me, I need watch another Mrs, Marple and enjoy the English countryside, ride a bike, have lunch with the vicar and walk some tree line lanes for a hour.
Oh yes, and solve that mystery and murder with a charming detective.
I will be having some tea and crumpets with clotted cream and jam, maybe some tiny sandwiches and ummmmmmmmmm please add some little cakes too !

Back to regular programing on Friday.

surprised. . . parsnip
music,  OST Murder In Suburbia
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Monday, October 29, 2012

parley view parsnip... fall days

 My Monday post about what is going on around my home...

It has been wonderful Fall weather here in Tucson.
I am sure everyone thinks that where they live their Fall season is the best. The colorful leaves, drifting to the ground, gentle rain and frosty mornings that appear to surprise  us at ever turn.
But we desert dwellers truly embrace the Fall. After the long hot summer monsoon season, we love the blue sky, sunny days, soft breezes and temps in the 80/50  perfect !
Everyday is a joy and the air has a coolness about it that just makes me smile.
Since it is impossible to show how wonderful the days feel, thehamish  has decided to step in and entertain us with his retrieving the ball from the pool trick.
                               i'm thehamish just lookin' at you guessing what i gots ?

                             yesh i gots the ball

                             ballballballballballball ball ball ball ball ball  yert!

                            yesh memememememem me me me gots the ball i gots the ball
                            i gud dog hamish

                            This is the  view from Watson's window

                            Watson loves the new window.

Ack ! The Square Dogs are taking over my blog !

                            fall. . . parsnip
                           music. . . Back In The High Life Again,  Steve Winwood

Friday, October 26, 2012

Square Dog Friday....

Friday best day of the week
for Square Dogs,
so lets woof it !

In honor of  the World Series, woohoo  Detroit Tigers !
Lets play ball !

im' seein' you favorite green ball

come closer

im' not lookin' at you lalalalalalal laaaaa

ummmmmmmm glubber glup mmurf


eurf maybee not
slippery little devil

slurmp murffff nurff

seein' you


almostgotten you
hey, I paid a bundle for thoes new eyes, careful dunking them in the pool !

ooooooooooooooooo i gotts the ball
yert !

 Watson in his favorite spot.

 They were playing tug when Hamish got the toy and dragged it into the crate.
Watson can go in and get it but I can not.
The crate is their safe spot.


 oooooooooooooooooo what is this I see

 100+ new cubes.
What will they be ?
Only time will tell.

playing. . .parsnip
music. . . Take Me Out To The Ball Game,  Jack Norworth
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday in Japan has been canceled today for a paid political message

It has been brought to my attention that this blog is a supporter of
Square Dog Friday.
And supports only one Square Dog post a week.
I do not approve the one dog puppy system.
We need change !
We need a new direction !
We need Waldie !
We need a Wednesday With Waldie post !
We need it now !
With chicken strips for all.

My platform supports blogs for all doggies.
How can you not vote for Wednesday With Waldie ?
That is my belief and I am sticking to it.
Just look at those booboo eyes !
Vote Waldie !

Just look at this sweet doggie Jade,
who my Mum fostered till she was better.
She was adopted right away and now has a home of her own.
This is news that you need to know !

yesh i getting happi over thats news
thats'gud for the gud jade dug
ummmmmmmmm did i hearin' some one say chkikin' strips 

I am very glad to hear such great news.
She will have a yard all for herself !
Waldie's Mum is a good Foster Mum.

Yes, that is one of my platforms
good news of all dog and other animals too.
Like the fact my Mum just adopted a beautiful rat.
This is something all people needs to know.
We need to get out the votes for
Wednesday with Waldie
So we can get this kind of information out.

unnmmmmmm am i hearing chkikin' strips for all
chkikin' chkikin' chkikin'
gud dug voters get chkikin' strips.
we not losin' square dug friday rite ?
chkikin chkikin chkikin.

Please Hamish some decoream here !
Wait what am I saying ?
This is an election year that has lasted four years...
sooooooooo long !
Mum is cranky really cranky.
She said she is voting for who ever calls her less.
So lets vote for Wednesday with Waldie.
Much better than all that garbage on TV and the phones !
Dogs rule Cats drool and
elections commercials  spews !

This has been a paid political announcement.
chkikin' strips for all

voting. . .  parsnip
music. . . How Much Is That Doggie In The Window,  Patti Page

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Monday, October 22, 2012

parley view parsnip...

What is going on around my home today.

This greeted me one early morning...
the remains of the toy from Fridays review.
Just waiting....

The Square Ones never pick up their toys.
Oh yes, they move them around, cheeky little devils, but they are still on the floor
when all is said and done.
Usually I don't remember where they have deposited, so in the blur of early morning sometimes
I am very surprised at what I see  !
Just waiting to wake up a sleepy person.
A bit disconcerting.
Before coffee.

awwwwww poor little pumpkin

New project !
Like I don't have enough going on.

Square Dog helpers.

Painting 1 1/2 inch squares.

One hours work... thank goodness for Revenge on the TV.

They are slowly multiplying....
but not fast enough.

What will they be used for ?

painting. . . parsnip
music. . . Monday Monday,  The Bangles
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Square Dog Friday... toy review #5

It is the best day of the week
you know the drill
so lets woof it !

Halloween pumpkin toy from "La Tarjey"

I, Watson see something in your hand...

yes, I do ! I see something wonderful

yes, please

can I play now ?

this is so good

memememem thehamish is wantin' it
Land Shark !

mememememeemem toy toytoy  now nownownow now

But I have it, Hamish

nononono nots for long toy toy toytoytoytoy me memememem !

nice tall person knows how much I love playing tug
this is very delightful...

meememe me wants it now gots it now ... yert !

Wonderful toy, very exciting squeaky toy
thank you nice tall person for getting this toy for us.
me thehamish will gets it and attackin' thesqueak me will destroy it ack!
orange oeangeorange thingie will not escape !
iwill be victorious and surivein'
iam thehamish!
yert !
Watson's Review
Over all this was a nice duel choice. Soft and squeaky chew
and a good tug toy for two.

chew... good chew factor and nice mouth feel.
material. . . the soft feel was good and the stiching lasted more than 2 nano seconds
but we destroy it.
Squeak. . . ok squeak but not long lasting, it was gone in 3 minutes.
design. . . aimed at nice tall person it was a fun Halloween toy
I give this toy a 5 out of 10

Hamish's review

yert !

This toy was found at Target. 
No chkikin' strips were given as payment for this review.

Last years Halloween toy review

squeaky. . . parsnip
music. . .  Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett/Stuart Hersh

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