Sunday, October 22, 2023

Another Monday


 I am moving my large studio into a much smaller one. 
So hard and very time consuming. I have to look at every thing (not really but I will) a piece of paper, paint, pens, ink, stamps, books and all the toys I have. Godzilla I love you !
Scotties everywhere !
This means trying to pare down all my supplies and the ideas that go with them.

The eyes are still a huge problem and I get so tired trying to see so I sleep a lot. Sleep to much.
The Square Ones are not very happy !


                                                                            sad so sad
                                                                       very sad
                                                                           sleepy sad
                                                              they never sleep or nap together 

                                           they are trying to help me by showing how to nap...

                                                                    here be bunny slipper.....
 i be givin' my godzilla

                                                                  sleeping  square ones...

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, October 9, 2023


Here comes Winston and Agatha.
Sending wooffies

                                                            When only 2 pillows will do.

                                                 After the nap Agatha's hair stands up.

                                                              lalalalalalalalalal la

                                               no liking the mr. squid mum mum gave me

                                          iwinston is so sad mummum is makin' a funny at me
                                                                   not being happy

                                                      opps....  ummmmm not me 

                                                               I need the quiet also.

                                                                     So very sweet.

                                                                 cheers,  parsnip