Friday, September 29, 2017

Square Dog Friday... Giggle Ball

Here we are, another Square Dog Friday.
Best day of the week.
woof !

He be crazy !




 me winston is gud garddug
when up high gets' to see more  gardin'


yesh me winston is sittin' here 
high up on a mountain
bestest' view is up here


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.
One of my alien cactus.

You can see it is growing a new arm ?
It be crazy.
Thinking of calling for help !


cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

winston attacks

Another quick post featuring puppy winston.
He is now wreaking havoc at puppy boot camp.
He is at the ranch, with two big dogs, cats, and horses. 
What is not to enjoy.

He reminds me of my first Scotty, Kirby who really lived in her own world.
When you look at this you just know he is battling some alien monster.
 Today this comic was in my daily feed, how true !
Scooter = winston

Here is your mid week pretty

 No words !

I took this blurry furry photo of mandibles, 
just before he left for puppy boot camp.

This just looks like a photo of thehamish.

I am in for a bumpy ride !

cheers,  parsnip

I have protested and written letters all my life.
Now that my life is very house bound, I protest through the phone.
Daily Action
It is an app that you can use for local and national political news.
It will give you the place where you can call the right phone numbers 
for your area.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Looks like fun ! maybe

I feel so safe from any rampaging sprinklers.

He likes to attack and run through the sprinklers.
I love at the very end he runs through the last sprinkler with his mouth open.
He is a hoot !
That horrible sound you hear is my coffee machine. It is not that loud but
I was standing next to it while taking the video and wow the phone sure picked up
the noise from the steam.

As always just because I can....
Here is your pretty to start the week.

Monilaria Obconica
How absolutely darling is this plant ?
A Japanese succulent that when it sprouts it has two ears just like a bunny.
Kawaii !
My poor family and friends are scouring the Japanese countryside for this plant.
Of course it has to be shipped correctly for the US customs.
But they are looking for me (maybe) ?

cheers,  parsnip

Extra Note:
I was watching CBS Saturday Morning News and I saw "The Mavericks"
An old band that a use to listen to back in my "Jack Mack and The Heart Attacks" years.
 Loved hearing them again.  New songs "Easy As It Seems" and "Ride With Me" are great.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Square Dog Friday. . . here we go again

Best day of the week is here,
Square Dog Friday.
Lets woof it !
 get me winston out of here

 mum nice tall person who feeds me i cant' be findin' my dirt that i winston is diggin' in
oh mum oh mummummummum mum mummmmmy

see i diggin' and diggin' but dirt not movin'
why is this happinin'
peoples' is tryin' to get my feettie in some wet dirt 
didnt' want to be doing' that
so i ran away

I love winston's thick curly hair,
 water beads up on it,

 it is so wavy

and beautiful.


Here is your pretty for the start of the weekend
Last year every morning I had Doves splashing and having a morning 
natter over coffee.
This year it is the sweetest little tiny birds.
I took this from inside, so it is somewhat blurry.
There are two behind the fish and four to the left.
Best way to start the morning.

First day of Fall in Tucson, Arizona.
The sky was beautiful and the air was cool and smelled so good.
After our long very hot summer this is wonderful.

Happy First Day of Fall.

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, September 15, 2017

Square Dog Friday. . . he is backkkk

Square Dog Friday best day of the week is here.
In the words of The Terminator . . .
i'm back !

 Remember this tiny wee sweet manadables of doom ?

 Here he is on his first morning home.
This photo was taken right after he ate a little dead lizard.
I have no words.

 Ears are almost up,

 Forget cat ears, whiskers and radar.
winston ears win !

 Son call them cactus ears.

 bad gud dug i winston is wanting in so i winston can go back out again.
The next two photos are from his first night back. He likes to go potty in the same spot.
The sprinklers were on and he didn't care.
The photos are very grainy but you can just make him out.

 No words or maybe just so much crazy.

 I was sitting in the side yard that we are cleaning it up and
winston climbed up to sit in a pot  of dirt next to me.

winston is only back for a week then he goes back to Paul's for about 3  more weeks 
of training. He is one fireball of crazy.


Here is your pretty for the start to the weekend.
Check out at Cro's (Magnon's Meanderings) blog on my sidebar for Wednesday and Thursday.
He talks about the work of Julie Mehretu and then his similar work.
I commented on my Japanese's sons calligraphy work.
He was practicing on huge sheets of rice paper. When he gave it to me it was tearing
so he cut them into smaller pieces.
I then cut them smaller and framed them. I enjoy looking at them everyday.

 Wonky photo 

The 3rd one was knocked off and glass broken. It was put back wrong it need to be turned one flip to the right. It connects the two others on each side. 
I have left it this way till I decided if I want it to go back they way I first had them.

They can stand on their own or together you can see some letters and words.
Some of the best art in my home is from this very talented son. 
In fact all my three children are very talented and much of the art on my walls
is made by them. I am very lucky.

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

a little bit of. . .

Weaver asked for this recipe, so here it is.
What I like about the recipe is the
few ingredients and the quick cooking time.
Plus it taste so good.

This is from Katsuyo Kobayashi
The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook.
Daughter and I used to watch her on TV most mornings
before school, as we ate breakfast.

Now what I did differently.

I used skinless chicken breasts that I had.
I cut them up before cooking and floured them on one side because no skin to crisp.

I used shishito peppers ( I had them and I like them). 
You could use mini sweet peppers, red,yellow and orange but not green bell no flavor to me.

If you can't find Shiitake mushrooms you could use, cremini.

No Mirin ? try dry sherry, sweet marsala or some white wine 1/4 cup with 1/4 teaspoon sugar
There will not be much sauce but I doubled it.
Son had rice with it. I ate it with all the extra peppers and mushrooms I added.

Really this is a quick dinner and so good.


Here is your mid-week pretty
katties !

 Here is Kattialoupe  Merida.

 In the sun her black hair turns red.
Just look at the Cantaloupe shape that is Merida.
She is a ball of Merida.


Such a cute kattie.
Son took these great photos of the Katties.

 Some old photos of Watson and thehamish.

 Sweet baboo Watson with a favorite the fortune cookie

and thehamish just being thehamish.

ummmmmm where is Winston ? ? ?
Where is mandibles ?

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, September 8, 2017

Square Dog Friday. . . extra missing stuff

Square Dog Friday best day of the week is here.
Woof !

Just so you do not forget I still have one Square Dog who is now living
with his trainer, on a ranch with gud dugs, cats and horses. 
I just know he is not coming back, he is having too much fun !
Bad bad bad gud dug puppy.


 Winston goes in

  and stays in. 

 Oliver goes in 

 and zooms out.

 Oliver and Merida have taken over.
They think this is all "katty world" now.
hahahahahahaha just wait till Winston comes back.
They do not want to share even though thehamish was so quiet around them.

Storm clouds over the Rincons.

Clouds in my backyard.
I laid down and took a photo every 5 minutes while Winston ran around like crazy.


 Storm coming in from the East at sunset.


As alway here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 If you check out Wednesday post, this is the way the Cocoon looks when the lights are working.
Photo from the Tucson Public Arts Website.

I made Japanese Fried Chicken with Shishito peppers with Shiitake mushrooms.
The sauce was mirn and soy sauce.

It was so good, this was the leftover that I had for breakfast the next day.
Just the best. So easy and so good.

To everyone in the path of the storms please be safe.
I lost my home in a firestorm so I understand. It is so hard on everyone.
Destruction everywhere, please take care.

cheers,  parsnip xx