Saturday, April 30, 2022

Square Dog Patrol.

The Square Dog Patrol are on duty.
Birds and Squirrels are all back now and keeping the Gud Dugs very busy.
Especially the Roadrunner.


Amaryllis with crazy huge blooms. 

Some sweet photos of Winston

Winston favorite toy. Tuff strong !
Some tears but still holding strong.

Thank You Friend Camille.
Any day with Godzilla is a Gud Day.

Here is your pretty....

cheers,  parsnip


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Quiet days

Sleepy Wiston.

Agatha with her Bette Davis Eyes. 


Agatha is working hard on her new performance art instalment.

  CLOUDS that float by or SNOW that come down to earth from clouds that float by
or maybe she will call it .....

Here is your pretty.

Victoria-Reginae Agave
Queen Victoria Agave

News.... My computer has gone bonkers... 
I can't comment on any blog or use much of my computer without a warning.
Don't know how long till it gets fixed.
Sorry !

Friday, April 15, 2022

Square Dog Friday !


                                                         How can this be comfortable ?

Before their Herbal Body Wraps at the Groomers.

Looking at Agatha's art


                                                           After the Herbal Body Wraps ! 

I can never get a good photo of them. 

They know I want an after photo.


This is part of her stick series.

green with brown

                                                       Agatha's newest Performance Art.


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.


                                                                      Totoro Snowman.

                                                                Pistachio tree in bloom !

cheers, parsnip

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Spring is here, maybe !

Spring is here

Lots of wind, temperatures either in the 90+ or low 70's it keep changing by day.

Wind Advisory, fire alerts and several wildfires in Southern Arizona.

The light color on the foothills is the new growth and the darker parts were not burned but somewhat damaged. We have five wildfires right now in the south already. 

                               Fabulous nest of a Curved-billed Thrasher in a Cholla Cactus. 
                                                  She flew up in the tree and scolded us.

Winston is not feeling quite spifey right now.

Looking for a sunny place to nap by chasing the sun.


Agatha  taking a breather during a game of Parkour with Winston.
She can really jump.


About 3 weeks ago I fell at 2am Saturday ...  I smashed my head fell on my bottom, bruised my side and tailbone.  I mean really the hits keep coming ! Not sure what is coming next. 
Family thinks some bubble wrap might help !

Yea Me !



cheers,  parsnip