Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . Year of the Ram !

Lucky me that my Wednesday Japaneses Blog falls on New Years Eve.
If you have followed this blog for any time you know Japanese Son 
sends me every Christmas, the animal of the new Zodiac year. 

This time it is Year of the Ram.
 Isn't he beautiful
 What a lovely Ram
 Even the box is wonderful.
I have used the boxes to wrap gifts and make postcards.
Every year along with my Chistmas Cards. I make a New Year card to send out.
New Year is the Holiday in Japan. Much like our Christmas.
And everyone sends out New Year postcards.
Some unforeseen problems popped up in December, throwing off all my plans.
With the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year
a flurry of phone calls, new real-estate lawyer, great finical help (Thank You, Liz and Andy) and some very unnecessary grinch people.
E-mail, faxes and one last mintue run to FedX with Son and just 10 mintues to spare.
This also included a plan where if he saw me waving he was to throw
his body in front of the last FedX pick-up till my papers got into the truck.
Whew !
Because of this many friends did not get a Christmas or New year Card.
Sorry,  I just ran out of time.
Next year will be better.
And just because I can here is you mid week pretty.
One last look at my Christmas Tree with colored lights and the bird origami that 
Daughter made that I use every year.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu
Happy New Year !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . In The Blink Of A Eye,  Christopher Cross

Monday, December 29, 2014

parley view parsnip... new tradations.

People, families and traditions are always evolving.
Where is it written in stone, that we have to celebrate a certain way.
A huge dinner on Christmas Day or 500 hundred presents under the tree ?
Running ragged buying presents for people who will possibly dislike the gift ?
Just because we should or it is a tradition.
Or even running around buying, cooking and driving ourselves crazy even for people
we like and love.
For the last few years I enjoyed what few Holiday traditions I liked.
A tree, a few decorations and of course Christmas Cards.
One of the best parts of the X walking out one morning on our family,
is we got the chance to say how we would like to celebrate the holidays.
We started by having something different for Christmas dinner.
Why do we need another Turkey dinner, we just had one.
In America we just had Thanksgiving in November.
Plus why do we really need all that food ?
If your having 30 plus people and 4 tables of family to feed that is different.
But as a small adult family with no little ones, we don't need all that.
Since moving to Tucson, Daughter and Son decided to cook on Christmas Eve.
Then sit down to a nice quiet enjoyable dinner. 
On Christmas Day we have a brunch open presents
then warm up the leftovers for dinner. So easy no fuss and muss.
Well this year we changed it even more.
This year we went very simple.
So for Christmas Eve Dinner we decided on a Japanese Hot Pot.
 We didn't have the right pot so we used my electric pan.
Daughter beautifully cut mushrooms, leeks, turnip, cabbage, carrots and tofu.
Potatoes, chicken and a miso based soup was then added and cooked.
We ate family style where one picks out what they would like and put
into their small bowl.
And if you think this weird, Japanese Son made Tacos for Christmas Dinner !

For Christmas Day we had brunch.
Deviled Eggs, Stuffed Mushrooms, fruit, Monkey Bread, cheese plate and crackers.
Easy fun and very delicious.
Daughter always makes her fruit and vegetables look so wonderful.
She tried to make Monkey Bread but I didn't have the right pan.
Looks different but tasted great.
Later Christmas Day for dinner we made Panini's
using what (little) was left from brunch.
 So we changed it all up had a wonderful quiet no fuss or muss Holiday.
Just what I needed.
We enjoyed the weeks leading up to Christmas and the day very much.
Traditions evolve and we made it work for our very small family.
And just because I can
in case you missed the best part of our Christmas.
Here is your pretty to start the week.

The Square Ones under the tree.
Dreaming of "chkikin" strips.
Since they are such gud dugs Santa was very very gud to them !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . In The Bleak Midwinter,  Annie Lennox

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Japanese Christmas gifts !

Japanese family and I send a few gifts to each other for Christmas.
Not too much, just a few small gifts.
 When they travel they make sure to buy some specialty of the region.
The fruit and granola is a favorite of mine that my DIL Mum sent to me.
I really like it better than any American one, even though it is made by Kellogg's ?
 Wonderful sauces. and such great labels !
 Kumamon sponges and the best Pizza ever, made by Granddaughter.
 Some cookies and some funny Matcha (green tea) Oreos.
I put the Oreos  in the photo especially for  Kirk at the blog Shadow Of A Doubt.
If you have the time check out his blog. He is a excellent writer on a range of subjects.
 A special charm from a Temple (can't remember the name)
There is a large temple then you walk up 700 or more? steps to the tiny temple,
on the top of the hill.
David and Mia climbed all the steps to visit the smaller temple at the top.
This charm can only be bought there.
Plus a beautiful map of Marugame City.  I love maps.

and as always just because I can here is your pretty for Sunday.
 Beyond wonderful.
A puzzle letter !

totoro . . . parsnip
music. . . See Amid the Winter Snow,  Annie Lennox

Friday, December 26, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . Christmas morning

The Square Ones had the best Christmas.
But when everyday is a Square Dog Day
why wouldn't they ?
Watson outside thehamish inside !
Touching noses.
 thehamish and Watson.
 Some bobblehead Square Ones that are only brought out at Christmas.
 This little one is always out on the chair.
 Cousin Truffles in her Christmas dress. I think she wants to be a Scotty too.
Cousin Waidie has his Christmas Sweater on.
Mum's present.

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
More photos to come.
My sweet baaboo Watson
yule. . . parsnip
music. . . Lullay Lullay,  Annie Lennox

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas from the best presents under the tree !
 Watson and thehamish
 Hoping that is a chkikin' strip waiting for them.

 Christmas Wishes from the Two Little Square Black Dogs.
And of course the nice tall person who feeds them.

cheers,  parsnip
music. . . The Holly and The Ivy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tucson Christmas. . .

Merry Christmas !
Around 30 years ago I started a series of Christmas Cards,
The Twelve Days of Christmas.
I figured for 12 years I would have my idea.
When I moved back to Tucson, I thought start a new series
of the 12 days based in Arizona.

hahahahaha I forgot to sign the card before the printers so the Square Ones and I had to sign each card.
Do you know how many chkikin' strips I had to bribe them with ?

Happy Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people I have met through my blog.
Have a wonderful week !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . ll est ne le divin enfant,  Annie Lennox
One of my most favorite carols.

Monday, December 22, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . Solstice Birthday !

Sunday was the Solstice and Arizona Son's Birthday.
We had a very fabulous day !
Let there be cake.
 The Square Ones gave a card with a piece of their chkikin' strip taped in it.
And not surprising 'Birthday Nice tall Person Who Walks Us,  
shared it with them. 
yert !
The album is what Daughter and I made him.
We took the labels off of 30 bottles, that he has been saving
of Beer, Wine, Sake and glued them into a book for his Birthday.
 Just a few of this favorite labels.



 Daughter and I had a wonderful time making this.

And  just because I can,
here is your pretty for the Start of Christmas Week !
Norma this one is for you and Me !
Godzilla Rules !
Must have this for my next years Christmas decorations.

godzilla. . . parsnip
music. . . Christmas Is Coming,  John Denver and The Muppets

Friday, December 19, 2014

Square Dog Friday...

Goodness I can't believe it is only 6 day till Christmas.
The Square Dogs are ready for Christmas and approve of what decorations are up.
For them everyday is a Holiday.
 Thank you for the phone, nice tall person who feeds us.
 thehamish wants me to call Santa Dog.
I am suppose to  say hahahahah woohoo hahahahahahah
what a gud hahahahaha dug he is.

 i thehamish is gud dug
sersly sweet no matter what any one is sayin'
just sayin' didnnit' do anythin'with the egg
no even' know' whhat eggstuff is 
not me just look at thehamish so gud 
we not talkin' about the egg insedent
 hahahahahahaha ummmmm oh please ummmmm
hahahahahahahaahha  let me catch my breath here. 
Ok, now I am better
hahahahahahahahahahah Santa Dog thehamish is hahahahaha

 Every year I put out my  muched loved snow globes.
I like snowmen. 
Just add some tiny fairy light and I am happy.
 The black bird is one of the books daughter made.
She studied bookmaking, binding and repair at University.
 The snowman on the right is my favorite.

Wonderful book of Daughters
and I get to keep it !

And just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
From last year a very disgruntled, thehamish.

what they makin' me do for chkikin' strips
yert !

disgruntled. . . parsnip
music. . . Frosty The Snowman,  Jimmy Durante

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . Christmas Cards

I have posted many times before about my love of Japanese Christmas Cards.
So lucky that my family sends me fabulous ones.
DIL and Granddaughter just send me the Five Santas with the red noses 
that blink off and on to the music.
Every Christmas I display just a few of the Christmas cards I have saved 
over the years on my credenza . 
I weave some very wee lights on thin copper wire around them.
No money spent and decorations that mean something to me.

 Newest Japanese musical card
 Lots of favorite Japanese cards
 I just put the cards around what is already here.
 Twirling Santas.
 My very favorite card, Santa sitting with forest animals around a lighted tree 
that plays several carols.
 One of my older cards.
 Some of Daughters cards.
A Snowman from the wonderful Elizabeth.
These make me so happy.
Small treasures that you can hold in you hand.

Here is your pretty  for middle of the week.

Wonderful Tako (octopus) toy from Japan, sent several years ago
for The Square Ones, 

 Look how furry they were before their Herbal Body Wraps.
Such fluffy gud dugs.

Watson is really giving me the look
...and just how long do we have to sit here ?
While you can just see the wheels in thehamish small brain whirling
mineminemine mine 
me me me me me mine
kill chew destroy
yert !

tako. . . parsnip
music. . . Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,  Gene Autry