Monday, July 28, 2014



The state of being the person who caused something to happen.
A task or duty that you are required or expected to do.
A duty or task  that you should do because it is morally right.
First post that highlights what illegals has done to four important people in my life.

 About 35+  years ago my Mother  had to have surgery.
Being on MediCare she had to get all the paper work done before and she was to be responsible for any extra costs.
She lived about five minutes from a hospital you could see from her kitchen window.
I just assumed she would go there. But instead she had to go to the hospital across town.
About 35 minutes away.

Why ? according to her doctor the hospital was always on the verge of being shut down.
The maternity ward was hemorrhaging money.  The Hospital could not pay its bills. Turns out in all the years the hospital was open, there was never a baby born there that was not paid by the State of Arizona.  I could not believe this ! I was so shocked.

 So to keep the hospital open, the only one on the south side of town, they closed the maternity ward.  That way they could keep the hospital open and look for a buyer.
 Some time later it was bought and assimilated into a group hospital. And the Maternity Ward was again open.
 The press was there for the big day.  TV and Newspaper, cameras at the ready.
Before they could cut the cake the first baby was born. To a Mexican National who's baby was paid for by the State of Arizona. She was "accidentally" in Tucson shopping (?) She said she didn't know her due date and this baby was a big surprise. The thing is she already had four children living at home in Mexico. 
 Now to anyone reading this due date or not when the baby turns and starts down the birth channel you know it ! and after four children she knew what was going on. She was in Tucson for a reason. And so it starts again. Anchor Baby, over and over again.

  She has two options both illegal in the way she will use it.
#1 She and her child stay in Arizona. She will get section 8 housing, social security, food stamps and aid to dependent children and she will have her ANCHOR BABY. As soon as they can the other children we join the  Anchor Baby and mother along with a few aunts, uncles and cousins, all illegal but the new baby. Then another Anchor Baby will be born for the money and another......

#2  She will have her checks sent to a friends home in Tucson but she will keep living in Mexico, Once a month she will come back cash the check buy food get free health care and then go back to Mexico.  And the babies Social Security number will be rented out to use by other illegals.
  My Mother a legal citizen of the United States, who worked hard all of her life, paid all her taxes on time, never stole anything had to pay for her health care.
But an illegal who planed this baby to circumvent the law will get everything free  And will do it again and again. Along with all the extra government programs they can sign up for, church groups that will feed and clothe them and the food bank that gives them boxes of food and.......

How to fix this.
No more Anchor Babies. If your illegal just don't come here but that will not happen.
So if you are here and have your baby, illegaly, the child gets a Social Security Number and then gets put in the mothers arms and gets sent back to what ever country she came from. When the child is 21 only she or he can come back to America if that is what they want. 
#2  If you are already here with Anchor Babies, that is it. No More ! If you are on welfare, you get put on birth control and learn to be RESPONSIBLE and take good care of the children you have and only them. If you want more children take RESPONSIBILITY for them. Or the ACLU which will no doubt bring suit against this policy should pay for all of you and the many extra children needs.  

Sounds harsh and it is.  We need to stop this now. Girls, women and babies are not to be exploited like this ever !

Babies are not to be used for money by the very people that should love them, protect them and be responsible parents. Women are not to be use by husband, boyfriends or the drug cartels for money. Women and babies are not commodities.  They should not be exploited as a way to circumventing the law.

In the last U.S. Census, that was published in the newspaper and I read, Arizona is the fastest growing Hispanic state. Over half of the babies born here are paid for by the State Of Arizona. Of these babies most of them are born to teenage Hispanic girls. The #1 name for boys in Arizona is Juan. 

Tomorrow it will be me ! Because it will be about health care. Then two of my very best friends.
I hope you can stick with me so you can understand why many of us are overwhelmed by the massive needs of illegals. Never ending needs. Billions of dollars of needs all spent for votes.


  1. I agree with you, Gayle. I know a lot of people will think what I'm about to say is awful, but I really don't think legal taxpaying citizens should have to foot the bill for the illegals. There are plenty of legal US citizens who could use a helping hand financially--our veterans, for example. Families who in spite of their best efforts, can't make ends meet. Why this abuse of our resources is even allowed makes no sense.

    1. I will write about this tomorrow but the Democrat Party (my party but I just changed) has the Hispanic vote locked up.
      I mean really who would you vote for ? The group that gives you free money for having babies or the group that says go back come to America legally and work ! Duh !

    2. I'm curious. I never really thought about it, but...but surely, illegals are not allowed to vote, are they?

    3. No but the anchor babies can. This will be in the post about me.

  2. Living on an island, as I do in the UK Gayle, does alleviate the problem somewhat - but we still have some problems in that area.

    1. I just feel so crazed by the fact that this is their life baby mommy.
      Women and children are not commodities .

  3. Replies
    1. wait till I get to education which is second in the abuse.
      I am a big supporter of teachers getting paid, schools becoming school and not gang related holding centers and fodder for groups that use children in their power plays for power.

  4. I totally agree that babies are not to be used for money by the very people that should love them. And it makes me feel so sad that this is the very situation happening here.

    1. I know it is like these young girls are nothing. I am so angry.

  5. Yowza! Eye-opening!

    I used to volunteer with a multi-church organization that provided numerous kinds of assistance to people in need. Every once in a while, we encountered people who were making a racket out of playing the system. It was very disheartening, but they were, by far, in the minority. Most of the people we worked with genuinely needed a helping hand, and once they got back on their feet again, many of them made donations to "pay back." What you're describing is bass-ackwards: a majority of people milking the system. No wonder Arizona is so upset.

    1. I agree but what I am trying to say is everyone coming here does not have sunshine and good intentions. many more than most are here for a reason. And it is not the part line of "I just want a better life for my kids" Talk is really expensive for us taxpayers.
      There are really people who can use this help. 3 billion dollars for illegals when our Seniors have to choose between food, housing or meds. People who have been downsized (thanks to illegals) the employed poor who make just over the line and don't get any help from the government... yes it is a mess. and to quote a movie "I am mad as hell and not going to take it any more" But I will till I can decide it Obama's new work permit for all the illegals living here gets OK ed then I will have a huge decision to make.

  6. Why have laws if they don't apply to everybody? This administration is picking favorites. That is not compassion. It is tyranny.

  7. i was recently listening to some of my friends talk about all the "poor children we have put in cages". i thought of you and your posts. i kept my mouth shut though. it's easier and i am a coward. sorry.

    hugs, bee