Friday, August 30, 2013

Square Dog Friday... and so it goes

The week goes by so fast.
But not fast enough for Two Little Black Square Dogs !

You know the drill so lets woof it !

Before Japanese family left they stripped the beds and started the laundry.
But Dr. Watson loves to nest and sleep on anything on the floor especially the fluffy bedding. He always finds the best and softest places to nap.
There are 10 yes count them 10 fluffy pillows/ crates for their napping pleasure.
So what a Mum to do ? left the duvet covers on the floor for him. It is not like he doesn't jump up on the beds anyways.
Gud Dug Dr. Watson  gets to sleep where ever he wants.

ummmmmmmm what bout' me im' gud dug thehamish
what about me
im' likin the soft stuff too
oh woe oh woe is me

really im' gud dug thehamish

Dr. Watson slept most of the day on the duvet and thehamish cuddled in and spent
most of the day sleeping with him.
Not a good sign for thehamish so off to the vets.
Not a very good visit. The 6 million dollar dog is in trouble again.  He has to have more test next week but we think the Cushing's Syndrome has become a reality.
Hamish was tested for this three years ago and it was iffy then but I hoped for the best. After some tests next week we will have a better idea.
Not good at all.
I joke about him being made up of left over puppy parts but it really true.
He has had so many health problems and opperations but on a good note
 he has fabulous teeth !

I worry about Dr. Watson being 15 and in liver failure, so it doesn't seem possible for thehamish my 6 million dollar gud dug so full of energy, to be this ill.
He is only 10.
yert !

Here is your pretty (funny) for the weekend.

I made pancakes and had a little batter left over so I tried to make a Scottie pancake
that came out looking more like a kitty ? ? ?
But Dr. Watson who LOVES pancakes ate it and looked around for more.

Gud Dug Dr. Watsons nose !

suprised. . . parsnip
music. . . Bittersweet Memory,  Blue Merle
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday in Japan.... Totoro Rides A Fish

Another wonderful gift from Japanese family !
Totoro riding on a Red Koi (good luck) wind chime.
I saw him on the Ghibli Shop flyer and said to myself this is something I want !
I never told Japanese family that I wanted one but guess what gift I received from them, when they came for a visit.

As thehamish would say minemineminemineminemine mine !
So happy happy happy happy, they know me so well.


kawaii !

I love all the little glass wind-chines you see all over Japan.
My first real introduction  to them was from daughter.
When she was in High School one requirement for graduation was a language.
They did not offer Japanese which she wanted to take.  She applied to the principle to take evening classes at the Junior Collage for her High School credit.
In  her classes they would end with a Japanese TV show so they could hear Japanese spoken in everyday life.
One of the show she was watching happened to be on the LA Asian channel at the same time. So every morning we got up early to eat breakfast and watch the show before school.
The main character was a young teacher and would some times go home to see her Grandparents. They owned a goldfish store. The shop was next to a river in a beautiful town and the fish were in outside tanks.
The front of the house where the shop was, they had hanging from the eves glass goldfish windchimes.  I immediately wanted to go live in Japan and move into that home and sell goldfish and glass wind chimes.
On all my trips to Japan, I have never found a glass goldfish windchime.
But I have bought several others.

Morning glorys

Fireflies flying by a full moon

Colored dots


Took the photos at night so lots of reflection sorry about that.
I have them inside because they would not last a day outside in the Tucson winds.

and just because I can here is your mid-week pretty,
George the Scotty !

goldfish. . . parsnip
music. . . My Neighbor Totoro,  OST
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Monday, August 26, 2013

parley view parsnip... lighting

Wonderful blogger Weaver of Grass (sidebar) asked me last week how I get my
lighting photos.
If you have time you should take a look at her fabulous blog about life and living
on a farm in Yorkshire.  I love her chickens !
Well being a daft person,  I started out very crazy.
With my first little point and click camera,  I would sit outside watching lighting strikes and count till the next one and start taking photos hoping I could captures one.
Strangely I was able to capture several strikes this way.  Who knew this would work ?
Thank goodness for photo cards that I could delete the 100 photos I took trying to get one good photo.
When I was looking through these photos I would have to lighten or highlight them so I could see if I captured any strikes.

Then Japanese son bought me  a new lighter point and click camera that had a video button  Oh My Goodness !
Now when I sit outside and wait for the lighting strikes I take a video, hoping I am in the right place.
Then I download it and slowly run through the frames. The only problem I have a basic program with Picasa so finding the right frame is sometimes frustrating,  back and forth
back and fort till I find the right frame.

I think I will have to invest in a better camera and a tripod if I really want to get clearer and better photos. Then find a better photo program,
possibly take a class but being somewhat house bound that could be a problem.
Maybe I can find a online class ?

 Some of my lighting photos shot both ways with two different cameras.



Here is you pretty to start the week.
When I first moved back to Tuson there was a huge storm with outstanding dark rolling storm clouds. I ran outside trying to take some photos even though it was twlight.
All the photos came out black !
Before deleting them I took the i-photo program I was using at the time and played with the light and dark to see if I could find anything.
Guess what I found...
clouds looking like the "Rose Nebula" space shots here on earth over the
Catalina Mountains in Tucson.

So never toss a photo till you look a little further into it.
You never know what you will find.

space. . . parsnip
music. .  . No Roots,  Faithless
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Square Dog Friday... a plethora of Scotties

Friday already ?
Well if your a Square Dog it is the best day of the week.
So lets woof it !

Square Dog cards I made for John at Going Gently, on my sidebar.
He is having allotment open day and I hope these make it to Wales before the big day.
I have named these cards "George" for his Scottie.

mum nice tall person who feeds us made cards that lookin' like me ?
hahahahahahaha so funny not understandin' these at all
not thinkin' they lookin' like thehamish and why all the woofs ?
yert !

gud dug Dr. Watson gots a fortune cookie last night
he likes them best mum nice tall person who feeds us lets him havin' one

his fortune is very true his presence is felt and appreciated
he is gud old dug Watson i lurve him

im' thinking that Dr. Watson is thebest guddug ever
yert !

Here is your pretty for the weekend.
The cousins, Truffles and Waldie  have been coming over because of family
visiting from Japan.
What is so funny about this photo is Waldie use to climb up and snuggle in
this pillow. But now Truffles has found out how soft and snuggley it is.
Now she often climbs up first.
Not sure that is a happy face on Waldie  !

snuggley. . . parsnip
music. . . The Love Parade,  The Dream Academy
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday in Japan by way of Tucson... Mia-chan

Mia's Mum and Dad are not pink pretty princess people.
No Barbies or bright pink toys, there is plenty of that floating around everyday.
I am so in agreement !
But they found this Butterfly outfit at Tuesday Morning, for her Halloween outfit this year.
She tried in on with her most favorite Hanshin Tigers Baseball shirt.
So you guess it...  this year she will be a Hanshin Tiger Butterfly for Halloween.

Butterflies don't stand still for long...


lets go now


She also found thehamishes crate and had to give it a try.

ummmm... little happy one is sittin' in my house where i sleep sometime
im not understanding why she is going in there its' not even night time
not sleepy time at all
yert !
amazed. . . parsnip
music. . . One Summers Day,  Joe Hisaishi
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Monday, August 19, 2013

parley view parsnip. . . lighting

  My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

Friday evening storm on the west side of Tucson.


The storm was all lavender and rose color sky and a glowing golden sun.
It was so beautiful.
I love my tiny point and click but sometimes when I am trying to shoot these lighting fueled skies I wish I had a stronger lens for these summer monsoon clouds.

and here is your pretty to start the week

Mia with one of my Totoro purses.
And her favorite shoes that daughter bought her.

stormy. . . parsnip
music. . . Riders On The Storm,  The Doors
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Square Dog Friday...Dr. Watson

Wow is it  Friday already ?
Were did the week go ? It zoomed by.
Well we all know what day this is.

Best day of the week if your a Little Square Black Dog.

Dr Watson had his check-up on Tuesday.
Dr. Maus thought he was doing great even with the liver problems.
At 15 years he is old for a Scottie, they usually live about 12/15 years.
The biggest problem is he is now completely deaf.
I have always used hand signs when training all my dogs so that is somewhat helpful
in his case. 
I still talk to him all the time, call his name and tell him he is the best gud dug ever.
Because he is !

But for me I am somewhat sad that when I call his name his ears don't perk-up 
or the best tail ever doesn't start wagging right away.
He lost his hearing over a year so I am hoping that helped with his adjustment.
When he is sleeping I made sure to gently pet him so he doesn't wake up in a start.
With his dementia I don't want to startle him.
I try keep his routine pretty much the same every day so he feels secure.
He is still very sweet, perky and loves to play tug.

Some random  gud dug Dr. Watson and thehamish photos.

thehamish and Dr. Watson.
This could be the reason why I am usually scrunched in a corner of my hahahaha bed.

Watson in the front

Gud dug Watson

Watson in his crate

Sleepy puppies.

Here is daughters gud dug Waldie with their cat Bowie
or his real cat name
Zorthan, tormentor of dogs destroyer of rugs escape artist extraordinaire and meow of great annoyance and volume  III


And of course here is your pretty to start the weekend !

Rain storm over the Catalina Mountains.

trying. . . parsnip
music. . . Someday,  Yoon Do-hyun

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