Saturday, January 31, 2015

Square Dog Friday... part 2

Watson and thehamish from Fridays post.
Watson and thehamish
Early evening

later that night.
It is a blurry night time photo.
Watson is always a pillow for thehamish.
They both had a good night.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Square Dog Friday.... a tale of two gud dugs

It is Friday the best day of the week if your a Square Dog.
But not a gud Friday
Health worries.
The trip to the eye doctors was great.
His adrenaline levels are was down and that is good
but it means he has another drop that has to be given twice a day
beside the other drops and meds.
We got a last minute appointment for  thehamish at his regular vet.
He has been slowing going down hill and not being his perky self.
The x rays were not good.
Enlarged liver, and his stomach is full of fluid.
His diabetes is off somewhat because of his not eating. 
I am constantly watching for signs of elevated mineral levels. 
His kidneys are already wonkey.
So I am now waiting of the blood work Friday morning
Vet = 2 hours
thehamish at the vets and not feeling great.
Blood work came back  horrible. Everything is off the charts.
Have a 11 am appointment at the Veterinary Specialty Center.
Ultrasound, blood work, liver biopsy, gallbladder biopsy. Then there is the spleen,
brightly colored, with black spots.  The specialists in over 30 years
have never ever seen anything like it. 
Everything is sent out to the University for testing.
Results will be back Monday and Friday.
Poor little Hamish, he was lightly sedated for all the test but he is home with me.
New med (and his old ones )  plus a super bland diet of rice and chicken.
I have to watch him very close. Some of these meds are as bad as the problems
we are trying to fix, so I have to monitor him for any changes because as a
diabetic he is at increased risk.
Vet = 5 hours
Watson has been having more problems with his dementia.
He is getting more confused. But other times he is very puppy like 
and enjoys his play time. 
Last night he jumped off my bed and I could hear him walking
around the house like he used to do many years ago.
Doing his nightly check.
Then he came back to my bed and wined very softly. So at 3 am I let him outside.
He didn't really have to potty so I let him back inside.
I pick him up and put him on the bed. 
Then I petted him and talked to him for a long time.
I don't know how much he can hear, being deaf 
but I talk really close to his head and chest and hope he can feel it.
He then when to sleep and so did I.
So this is the tale of two gud dugs.
I will be busy with both dogs this weekend 
so I might be miss reading some blogs.
I will play catch up when I can.

Everyone have a great weekend.

hopeful. . . parsnip
music. . . Lucky To Know You,  Blue Merle


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday In Tucson... Cooking from scratch ?

No post on Japan today but a quick leftover  Birthday post.
My friend Debbie is a hoot besides being the best friend ever.
Here are two gifts from her.
 Yes, Please !
nom nom nom.
 Oh My Goodness.
 Yes, works for me.
 I love all of Ann  Taintor items.
They make me laugh.
Always a good thing to do.
 I have this card out all the time because I just love it.
 Such a great friend.


And just because I can here is your mid-week pretty
Daughter finally bought a new laptop.
Complete with stickers ?
So she sang the song while making thehamish a "My Little Pony".
They always had their little symbol on the back leg.
So here is My Little Pony 
"1,000 dollar extra for 2 more inches on the screen".

After putting the sticker on him he sat down and would not move.
gouging. . . parsnip
music. . . Money Money Money,  ABBA

Monday, January 26, 2015

parley view parsnip. . .

Last Saturday morning as I got up and let the dogs out,
I was feeling very sorry for myself.
I didn't want to get up and take care of The Square Ones. 
Really just wanted to go back to sleep, I had a rough night and just wanted to sleep. 
That is a luxury I haven't had for many years.
As I trudge to the door and let The Square Ones out, I check for the coyotes
that have been out around my home in their early morning rounds.
As The Boys go out and I get their food  and medications ready.
I let them in and they wait by the door for the "such good boys" morning pets.
Hamish is on a scheduled for his diabetes, he has to eat at certain times
and then insulin shot plus the starting of the eye drops
I have to give him at different times of the day.
So here I am feeling super sorry for myself
and I look down at thehamish and he is just sitting waiting
for me to give him his shot, eye drops and pills.
As I look at him all and wonder why does he look so sweet ?
Everyday I scrunch up the nap of his neck (Two times a day) feeling for a space that doesn't have any scar tissue from all the shots.
Then I insert the needle for the insulin.
Next comes the eye drops and his pain medication.
As I look at him and  wonder doesn't this hurt ?
I know it does.
Does he understand that the pain I give him is making he better and keep him alive ?
Why does he come when I call him for the eye drops he gets through out the day ?

And suddenly I don't feel so sorry for myself any more.
Happiness is indeed a warm puppy.
But later I do take a nap surrounded by the Square Ones.
 Lens replacement surgery.
 My sweet baby boy.
Nothing keeps him down for long.




 Helping with his laundry.
 Such hard work

 Singer of songs
 Art critic

Building expert
 Here he is cuddling with Watson who takes very good care of thehamish.
And lets him squish in when there is really only room for one.

Here is your pretty to start the week
 A roadrunner who has been visiting.

 silly. . . parsnip
music. . . Shut Your Eyes,  Snow Patrol

Friday, January 23, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . Toy review #8

What day is this ?
Well, Friday of course.
The best day of the week if your a 
Little Square Black Dog.
One afternoon I looked up from cleaning my work desk and I hear some snuffeling
and see two ears picking up over the back of the sofa in front of my desk.
I didn't get that photo but I got the next 4.




I have no idea of what was happening or what he was wondering about.
But it was so wonderful.
I just lurve Watson popping up and checking out what I was doing.
As with Little Black Dogs when the light is behind them 
your lose so much of their faces.
He then curled up and went to sleep.
Dr. Watson !
In the morning I see another two ears peeking up from bed.
This time thehamish belongs to the sweet ears.

 thehamish will not be left behind in the cute department.

Well, Hello Mr. Raccoon
Aren't your cute.

hahahahahahaha not for long
daaa dum daaaaa dum da  dum da dum
Land Shark ! 
not yours
mine mine mine
 gurmurffurfuur mmurff
ohhhhh some action shots !
yert !
Watson looks in disbelief.
Oh My goodness thehamish what have you done
to Mr Raccoon
Squeeky poor squeeky

Toy review #8

Watson Review
This is/was a great toy.

Chew. . . nice mouth feel.
Material. . . sturdy but has a good bite feel.
Squeak. . . fabulous strong squeak.
Design. . . as usual this toy was aimed at nice tall person who feeds us.
But I thought it very charming.
Little Raccoon toy has a very simple design with a minimum of colors dyes,
very nice for Two Little Square Black Dogs
I give this toy  9 out of 10.
thehamish review.
minememememememe me
 mine mine mine
I found this toy at "Tuesday Morning"
No chkikin strips were given as payment for this review.

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Daughter brought over some of the Meyers Lemon Pound Cake 
we made last week.
Several are now safely tucked away in the freezer.
I served it with unsweetened whipped cream and a dusting of Tangelo zest
for color and wonderful fresh citrus smell.

yert. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Your Eyes,  Snow Patrol

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday In Japan. . . Kitazawa Seed Company

Yes !
The Kitazawa Seed Catalog has come.
Instead of working on my morning chores,
I have been sitting here and reading, dreaming and planning.
Now if you knew my very small garden you would be laughing.
Even though I have a lot of land I also have a lot of critters 
that are just waiting for me to plant.
The awful pack rats being the worst offender.
So I have a small side yard the is completely screened in to keep unwanted 
critters out.
I am alread late in planting the carrots, radishes and shishito.
 I plant in big pots, so I don't get a huge amount of "crop"
but what I do harvest is wonderful
I can't decide from mini Sweet or Scarlet Red.
 Of course Shishito peppers.
My very favorite peppers ever !

 I love French Breakfast 
or maybe I will try Shirahime Hatsuka Daikon.
 Plus recipes !

 Thursday, Daughter is coming over.
This sounds so great.
 It seems my two favorite citrus trees might have surived.
The Tangelo tree in front is only 1/3 the size it was. 
It was damaged  7 years ago in the hard freeze.
The smaller Sweet Orange tree in back I am letting go wild.
It shelters so many small critters during the super hot summer.
And it still produces a nice crop of very sweet oranges. 


And just because I can here is your pretty (?) for mid week.
ummmmmm Dr. Watson what is happening here ?
Did little Racoon run into trouble ?
More to come on Friday.

dreaming. . . parsnip
music. . .  The Heart Of Rock And Roll,  Huey Lewis and The News