Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Japan.

Happy Halloween.
Where I live no Trick or Treaters.
The hill I live on would not be worth the long walk up.
Even with a full sized candybar as a treat.

Mia goes to her School 5 days and The International School
that was her pre-school 3 days a week.
The neighbhood shops lets the class 
Trick or Treat.
I could only show one blurry photo of them, in Japan they are 
very carefull of showing faces.

Mia was Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

 I want that broom !

 Not sure why they are taking the subway.  Kiki can fly with her broom.
Maybe not enough room for taking Dad and Mum ?

 This photo is blurry but I can show part of the group.
Two of her friends dressed up as Harry Potter. The outfits were fabulous.

 Mum and Dad and Kiki went to the Mall  and had more fun.

Mia is at my favorite Studio Ghibli Shop. 
Standing right in front of the Kiki section showing Jiji her talking cat.


Here is your start of the week pretty.
This is her drawing book. I love the way her drawings are always so happy.
The wink is just a hoot !

Have a great Halloween !
cheers,  parsnip

Friday, October 27, 2017

Square Dog Friday , not imandibles

Square Dog Friday 
Best day of the week.
So let's woof it !

ummmmmmmm yesh' iwinston see this new diggin'
not lookin' 
iwinston thinkin' it was a packrat or big dug coyete' 

 why you lookin' at me
nice tall person who feeds me 

 you haven' just given iwinston bath why would iwinston be diggin'
iwiston gud dug

Winston had a visit to the Doctor for his booster shots 
plus an appointment made for his little snip.
He is now 5 months, has lost all his puppy teeth (thank goodness) and is doing great.

This time he felt so bad after his vaccination 
that he cried when I picked him up later in the day.
He slept most of the afternoon and evening.
Poor wee gud dug.
Today he is feeling very naughty, so all is better !

Not sure why but he loves to nap under my walker, blanket or not.
What a quirky wee gud dug.

As always here is your weekend pretty just in time for Halloween.
Blog friend Paul sent me this.
wurf !

cheers,  parsnip

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday in Tucson

Playing catch up with posting about Tucson.
So here is a Summer mashup.
Summer clouds mostly sunsets.

 Love this one with the moon.

Early morning with puppy iwinston.

 Monsoon traveling south around the Tucson valley at sunset.

 Big clouds, big shadows.

 Love the small clouds that just float by.

 Early morning view out my bedroom window.


As always here is your pretty for the middle of the week.

gud dug iwinston gud nose
i gots gud black lips gud for kissin'

cheers,  parsnip

Monday, October 23, 2017

Everyday things.

iwinston mandible churchill 
has been told by my lawyer
osker of osker and oscar
to disavow any knowlage of this

disavow is funny word not knowin' that word but oskar said it is gud word

 but i am thinkin' this is a gud hole
thait iwinston if iwinston had been diggin'
would be happy with that if iwinston was diggin'

 iwinston have no understandin' of dirt
dirt is gud dirt is likin' iwinston


I signed up for Bark Box for thehamish and we had fun opening the box together.
Such gud sniffs !
Because of all his health problem he could not eat all the treats.
I only let him have the chicken ones with no grains.
They are great treats, made in the USA. No chicken from China.
Tested by other gud dug.
  The toys are the best and he had fun for a short time.  
Then he became too ill to play with them but we saved them for iwinston.
Now iwinston is enjoying the boxes but I only let him have some of the treats.
The box is still addressed to thehamish.
Bark Box wrote his name just the way like he liked.
Just a great company.

Here is the Halloween Bark Box.

 They are so very clever and everything is done fabulous.

 Doorbell of DOOM !

 Count Vacuula !

Very late photos of when iwinston was at the Puppy Bootcamp.

 He kinda took over. The drill instuctor's two dogs liked him.
They thought him crazy.
Can you see who is sitting on the Dobermans pillow
and eating her chew toy ?

 Love the expression on the Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Such boo boo face I love him !

Awwwwww terriers and Scotties in particular. Little gud dug with a
big dog mentality and a cat vibe.
Just great dogs who are very zen with a smile.


Here is your pretty for the begining of the week.

 Sunrise, it was 57 when I got up at 6:30.  A cool wonderful 57, after the heat of summer.
I just sat outside while iwinston sniffed and ran like the wind.
I always tell the gud dugs to run, run like the wind and enjoy the morning sniffs !

But ... there is a HIGH pushing the cool weather north so this afternoon will be 97.
Enough with the summer !


 Eating breakfast.

Japan had a huge Typhoon hit yesterday.
Son said it was the worst winds he could remember.

A  friend sent this photo of the aftermath. David loved this tree. He had to duck under it when walking with Mia in the backpack.  He has so many lovely memories here.
I hope they can save many of the trees.
This is a wonderful place to walk and the little ones to play.
Everyone have a good start to the week !

cheers,  parsnip

Friday, October 20, 2017

Square Dog Friday, who did this ?

Square Dog Friday best day of the week.
So let's woof it !
So sweet, so wonderful, so charming, so innocent,
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
ha !

and then this happens !

What happened here and who did this ?

 unmmm youis lookin' at iwinston

why is mumlookin' at me

i winston is lookin' at gud hole

ummmm yesh iwinston is lookin' at gud diggin'

 yesh iwinston is lookin' not knowin' what mum nice tall person who feeds me is talkin' words
not understandin' muddd' grass roots what is roots

 iwinston is just a puppy and you know i winston is learnin' about stuff
and this squishe' stuff is really fun to be digg'en in

 not understand why mum nice tall person is talkin' at me
what is word mudd'

 and lookin' at iwinston

 iwinston is doin' puppy things

 liken' run jumpin' and eatin' salade'

 with lots ofgud fiber lots of fiber

whatever that is no knowin' word fiber
thats' funny word

That is OK sweet puppy.
Mum is loving you, mud and all !


As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

cheers,  parsnip