Friday, December 30, 2016

Square Dog Friday . . . very bad day

The best day of the week is here,
Square Dog Friday !
Let's woof it
 very bad no gud day

i thehamish is not doin' gud somethin' inside bad 
nice tall person who feeds me said 
no more chikikin'
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a
 woe oweowoewoe woe is i thehamish
woe is me woewoewoe woe
woe is me
woe me
i thehamish is crying
not knowin' what to do

 sadness is i thehamish new name
not gud not gud at all

thehamish kidneys are not working correctly.
This is a problem we have been working with for years but they have decided to fizzle out.
He is on some new food and possible higher doses of one of his pills.
To say I am upset is a understatement.

So mad and upset and lots of words I can not say here.
Watson my sweet baboo Watson, died a few months before Christmas last year
and now I have this.


But as always
here is your pretty for the weekend

hahahahahahahahahahah bad katties hahahahah ha ha ha 
This is so my home !

kidneys. . . . parsnip
music. . . . All This Love,  DeBarge

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Still Christmas. . . and I love it !

Great Christmas for 2 humans and 3 furry cutiepies !
We will have daughter and her friends for New Year and my birthday.

After the divorce we changed our Christmas, 
from the big x's family to just a tiny family of four.
So nice and so much more fun.

Now on the day before the 24 we cook and bake. Drive around looking at the lights on 
the houses. Just having fun. 
Then on the 24th we cook Christmas Dinner sit down and enjoy a nice relaxing dinner.
Now we have dinner ready for a quick warm up for the 25th.

When daughter, partner and her Mom were here we would have Brunch on Christmas Morning.  Deviled eggs, tiny egg sandwiches, fruit, bread, prosciutto,  ham, pickles, olives, chutney, sweet rolls, prosecco and fruit, We would eat our way through gift opening.
It is just a great way to spend time with family and who ever is here.
Easy and fun. Leftovers are great.
Son and I did the same thing but much smaller.
Brunch was an egg, hashbrowns, cheese and sausage casserole that you make
the night before and then just bake. Fabulous and so easy !
We ate, opened gift and played with thehamish, Merida and Oliver.
 i thehamish waitin' for santa gud dug

 kattie oliver waitin'

 kattie merida not waitin'

 i thehamish gots' new duck

 duck duck duck

 duck duck urmmmuffffffff 

 gud duck


nurrfer nommm

 duck gud

i thehamish likin' gifts

 i thehamish likin' katties toy

ball ball  ball ballballball ball ball gud ball    ball

 i thehamish is likin' duck

 now i thehamish is tired needin' nap

i thehamish gots to watch a movie with nice tall person who feeds me
about charlie brown snoopy and a tree it was gud

Our Christmas dinner was Duck Breast, Grilled Salad and Mashed potatoes.
It was so tasty and as you can see someone wanted some Duck.

 I had to lighten up the photos so you can see Merida's face.
This photo just cracks me up. The look on her face is so amazing.


I sat on the sofa looking up through the high windows with thehamish and we watched the
clouds go by. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Oh No !
Quick update,
We had to rush thehamish to the vets and 9am today. He had some sort of episode,
he was violently shaking and panting. After a  quick check-up and the diabetes check on,
they could find nothing wrong. So he is home and resting now.
Hello.... that was a scary wake up call.

santa. . . parsnip
music. . .  The Holly and the Ivy,  Annie Lennox

Monday, December 26, 2016

Snow for Christmas, Tucson style.

Woke up early on Christmas morning and saw snow on the foothills 
out my bedroom window.
It was mostly all gone later in the day,where I could see but lots of snow 
higher on Mt. Lemon and the Catalina mountains.

This is early snow for us. when we do get our rain and snow in Tucson 
and the mountains is at the end of January and February.
Today it will be about 60, bright blue skies and no clouds.


Winter is fun in Tucson, a little rain some snow and lots of warm days 
filled with bright blue skies.


Here is your pretty for the start of the week.
 Watson was a fabulous elegant hat wearer.

This is so thehamish !

snow. . . parsnip
music. . . There's Still My Joy,  Indigo Girls
Love this song.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Square Dog Friday mineminemine mine

Best day of the week is here, Square Dog Friday.
So let woof it !

yesh i thehamish is rememberin' kattie the bad bad kattie
sittin' in my toy basket.
my i thehamish toy basket.

 i thehamish sittin'in bad bad katties basket

 hahahahahahahahahaha ha
photos by Adam

i thehamish gots' ginger bread gud dugtoy

A few quick photos from a few years back.


Here is your pretty for the lovely Christmas weekend.

The best gifts under the Christmas Tree.
I made this into a Postal Stamp one year.

Wishing you all a lovely Peaceful Christmas.

scotties. . . parsnip
music. . . ll est ne le divin enfant

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Card

This year my Christmas card is the 
Eighth Day of Christmas.

I have been sending cards out but I have lost my list.
I think it was shredded with some of thehamish latest vet bills lots of bills.
So if you did not get a card from me I am very sorry.
Next year I will be better.
Next doctors visit is tomorrow 
thehamish has been throwing up last night and early morning.
This morning he is much better ate breakfast and kept it down. 
We are keeping him warm and quiet.
He is the gud dug thehamish

 My friend Debbie spoils me. She always finds such wonderful gifts on her trips.
I told her all she had to do was give me this box and I would be heaven no matter what was inside.

And just because I can here is your pretty for the midweek

When I was growing up in Tucson we did not have snow.
So we used tumbleweeds for our snowmen.
We did not have lights on them but we fun anyways.

snow. . . parsnip
music. . . There's Still My Joy,  Indigo Girls