Friday, July 1, 2011

their back.........

their back......... by angryparsnip
their back........., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

Yaa Hoooooo !

The monsoons are back...
If you look in the middle of the photo you can see the rain starting
to come down over the Rincon Mountains like a wave.

Wednesday afternoon the clouds started to build up all around Tucson
and the storms started.
Late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning it finally rained in
Tucson. The storms are mostly to the east and south today because of a
northerly air stream pushing south but it will breakup by tomorrow and
we will again see rain in Tucson.
The Monsoon have started !

Maybe that bribe er.... offering of my daughters fabulous cookies finally
soften the cold cold heart of Mother Nature.

wet. . . parsnip
music. . . Singing In The Rain, Gene Kelly


  1. So it's a glorious feeling, you're happy again?

  2. Hooray, the long dry spell has ended! What a beautiful picture!

  3. What great news! Did we get any in Phoenix? I'll be home next week, will be keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. How interesting to live in a place where you welcome the rain - here it is usual the reverse.

  5. What an incredible, dramatic sky! It must be a huge relief when the rains come again, after a summer of desert heat.

  6. Just this week I've seen the first hints of clouds that foretell our monsoon season. We're a good 2-3 weeks off, but it shall come. Dirty cars and flooded streets are tolerable for just a little rain.

  7. Kirk...
    Just singgggggging in the rainnnnnnnnn !
    Ye, that's me.

    We are all happy.... it really didn't rain that much by my home in the foothills but my friends on the west side of town really had lots of rain.

    I have doppler radar on my computer so I can watch the storms come in. When I checked it looked like the storm had pass through Phoenix so
    I and thinking you might have some rain ?

    We only get rain twice a year. Our Winter storms that we really need because they replenish and the summer which help but are often very damaging. We love our rain !

    Dartford Warbler...
    Yes we wait and watch all of June for the storms to start. It is still very hot though.

    I know how you feel that waiting for the monsoons to start can be unbearable.

    Thank You ! The clouds from now on will be spectacular !

  8. Or did you do a rain dance?

  9. You are getting to be quite the photographer, that looks so atmospheric. So glad to hear the monsoon has arrived.

  10. It is always wonderful when the weather breaks.

  11. Pat...
    I have been known to dance years ago, but now I must just think of the dance. Hope it helped.

    Thank you... the clouds are so beautiful all one needs to do is point and click away every afternoon from now on.

    Yes, the wait can been unbearable though. Just like Christmas or your Birthday.

    Thanks, one of the perks living in Arizona in the hot summer months is the cloud watch. You can just see them building up and up and then watch the rain moving across the valley.