Monday, July 4, 2011

Oswald ! ! ! #2

Oswald ! ! !  #2 by angryparsnip
Oswald ! ! ! #2, a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

I finally got a picture of Oswald ! When I opened up my garage door
there was Oswald moseying by.
Love Love Love this snake. He (?) is a deep beautiful black with
white strips.
Oswald use to live on the west side of my home, but has moved over to
the east side and taken up residence. Which is good because that is
usually were the Pack Rats like to party.
Oswald is a Non Venomous, Common King Snake... NO ! there is
nothing common about Oswald, he is my dear friend. Why ? because he
eats Rattlesnakes, Snakes, Pack Rats, Gophers and mice. All the
animals that are trying to move into my home and cars.
One Day he got into my small fenced in yard and you should have see us
herding him out with brooms. . . another story for another day.


  1. Sounds like every household needs an Oswald!

  2. I've always liked snakes. Anything that keeps the rodent problem in check is fine with me.

  3. Since Oswald is a non-venomous snake, I could like him.

  4. Eryl...
    I think every one should have an Oswald, I lurve him.

    I so agree about the keeping the rodents in check, they can overtake very fast.
    When I moved into my home it was vacant for a year, so it took about a year to get all the creepy crawlies out. We still find them inside but not as bad as that first year. Plus there were 24 pack rat nest around the house that needed to be cleaned out too !

    You would like Oswald... he is never a bother and usually stays in the brush away from the house. He wanders by every once and awhile.

  5. Oswald is beautiful! We also have a kingsnake living in our yard. We call him/her Sparky. :)

  6. I love snakes. But I don't have one living in our backyard. Sigh. Snake envy.