Monday, July 4, 2011

Morning Dove nest in Lemon Tree #3

I have been watching the building of this nest from my studio window.
Hope the Doves weren't too upset I took a picture of their
architectural wonder. I love bird nest, it is so amazing to see what
they find to weave into their nest.


  1. I have several different kinds of birds at my door every morning, including doves. Love them all!

  2. William...
    I think some form of Dove is everywhere. Thank goodness I don't have pigeons, rats with wings.

    Don't they just make the day better !

  3. It looks quite an airy nest.
    We were disturbed by frightening noises the other night and thought the house was falling down. Next morning a live pigeon was retrieved from the chimney. It flew off - hopefully wiser.