Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday In Japan

Food-08.03Trip-7 by sleepytako
Food-08.03Trip-7, a photo by sleepytako on Flickr.

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan


Train station bento
eki = station ben from bento.

I have posted before about my love of train station food in Japan.
On longer rides you can buy food at the station especially made for the train trip. What is wonderful is each area has take out lunches featuring the food of that region.

This was a lunch my Japanese son bought on the local train from Toyama to Kanazawa.
masu = a type of sea trout.
or it can be called masu no sushi = shushi of trout.
The #2 post today shows the food and the fabulous container it come in.

Fabulous packaging, wonderful presentation, terrific food, plus a wonderful train ride and if you get to add some crazy family.... nothing could be better.

Thank you sleeptako for the use of the photo and great memories !

hungry. . . parsnip
music. . . Bright Lighst Bigger City, Cee Lo Green


  1. Hello:
    This is so amazing and very, very fascinating. And, sadly for us, how very different a culture which can, and does, make an art out of a packed lunch for a train joiurney. Also, we love the idea that, as the train passes through different regions, the food becomes of that place. Wonderful but it makes us even sadder that, so far, we have never been to Japan.

  2. I've never been there, either--but reading your blogs makes me want to visit!

  3. i was there in 1967, such a long time ago. my overall impression of tokyo is lights and speed, walking fast, driving fast, everything fast and bright. fascinating place!

    smiles, bee

  4. Now, I remember eating that ekiben. It was good. But.. It's like eating a whole pizza to yourself. Afterwards your stomach doesn't like you too much. That was also influenced by the two beers and two cup sakes I drank on the train from Takayama, where I stopped for lunch and a stroll, to Toyama. So beers, sake, an entire day of riding trains and a large elevation gain and loss led to me not feeling so well by the time I got to Kanazawa. To tell the truth, I don't remember much of that train ride. I'll have to do it again.

  5. One loves the idea of Bento boxes!

  6. That will be also my memories of Japan, I only seen it on the Airport, but still - 'Fabulous packaging, wonderful presentation, terrific food', is mainly what I remember. Thanks for sharing with us your memories. Anna :)

  7. Jane and Lance...
    And the trains are so clean... no one leaves trash... not like the slugs here in America.

    well reading your blog makes me want to be a much better writer.
    I know you and William plus all the other writers who I blog with much cringe when reading my posts and comments.

    Empress Bee...
    Tokyo is a really different city from Osaka where I am based. I enjoyed staying in Tokyo. It is very exciting.

    OMG ! you so make me laugh !

    I so love Japanese food !

    I know, Japan really gets to you doesn't it.

  8. Your photos make Japanese food look so good, you don't want to eat it.