Wednesday, July 20, 2011

masuzushi #2

Food-08.03Trip-8 by sleepytako
Food-08.03Trip-8, a photo by sleepytako on Flickr.

What the food looks like inside the beautiful wooden box.
Trout placed over sushi rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves and fit into a shallow ceder cylindrical container. Then it is weighted down for a set time.
This was my Japanese sons lunch on the local train from Toyama to Kanazawa.
I have the lovely ocean view paper wrapping framed and hanging in my pantry.

I have eaten the special Oshizushi (pressed sushi) covered with Persimmon leaves from Nara.
Fabulous !


  1. Interesting to compare this beautifully prepared food with the awful 'plastic' sandwiches we get on station platforms in this country.

  2. Hello:
    We think that we have possibly looked at these in the wrong order. Please see our comment on the second post.

  3. Looks delicious. I used to love eating reataurant meals on the train but it's all gone down hill.

  4. Oh my! I want to go on a train in Japan. They really know about presentation there.

  5. Weaver...
    I am not saying this it the only food but... even the Circle K food (a quick mart) is so much better in Japan. The tiny sandwiches that are wrapped in plastic are so good. My daughter laughs at me because I always have to buy one. I am addicted.

    Jane and Lance...
    That is my fault.
    I can only post one photo at a time so I have to make the post one by one, last one first so they are in some order.
    When my Japanese son visits next month he is going to help me change my blog posts.

    I always wanted to take a trip on The Orient Express and this will be as close as I get.

    The trains are so clean and if you don't buy food at the station a charming Cart Lady comes by with drinks and packaged food. Heaven....