Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday in Japan by proxy......

My Wednesday post about Japan.

Arizona son was in California last week for a wedding of a best
friend. On the way to and from Sonoma he stopped off to see his sister
in LA.
Wedding was Fabulous ! But look what he brought me back from my
favorite Japanese Market, Mitsuwa. . .

Wonderful, glorious tasty items.....

Mochi Pan, a bread roll that looks like a cream puff but even with the
airy inside is a dense, chewy bread filled with black sesame seeds.
Umeboshi, pickled plums
Kagayki, brown rice, my favorite brand ! they have a wonderful white
rice too.
Goma Shio, rice seasoning with black sesame seeds, a puffed salt and
Ponzu, citrus vinegar
Lemon drink + vitamins

A few of these items I can find in Tucson but not always as the one
Asian market in town is very hit or miss. I would be so happy if
Mitsuwa would open a market here, so very happy, really really happy,
I can only wish and dream.

He also stopped by Snoopy's Gallery in Santa Rosa and brought me back
the little Woodstock peeking out from the Ponzu. I am a big fan of
Snoopy and Woodstock.

happy, parsnip
music. . . Hello Kitty Girl, OST, The Last Exile


  1. If we lived near together you could cook me a Japanese meal - it all seems so strange to me.

  2. Hello:
    We should have absolutely no idea what to do with these Japanese ingredients as, sadly, we have little knowledge of Japanese food. We are sure, however, that you will turn them into something wonderful. It all looks most intriguing.

  3. Wow these are nice treats from your son parsnip. I was once in Japan, and I love their cookies, lol, it took me a long time to get out from the store, it was like living in a dream land, lol. Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well. Anna :)

  4. I'm a lifelong Peanuts fan. Hope to visit Santa Rosa one of these days.

  5. Weaver...
    Oh Pat, I would love to cook you a Japanese dinner.
    and no raw fish either !

    Jane and Lance...
    The ingredients here together look strange together but separately can make a fabulous dinner.

    I think the same thing every time I go into Mitsuwa... living in a dreamland.

    I want to visit Santa Rosa too.
    Funny Snoopy story,
    When I worked for Hallmark we designed lots of the Snoopy merchandise. It had to be approved by Mr. Schulz and if he didn't like it you knew it !
    I had to design a note card with Snoopy on it. I can't remember what guide lines I had. I drew Snoopy with a tee shirt and roller skates and a colorful airstream behind him. Remember this was in the 70's My art directer sent it in knowing it wouldn't be approved because of the tee shirt and skates.... well it was approved by Mr. Schulz and the art directors were flabbergasted ! yea, my point !

    It is a very tall bunny that reminds me of Kanga from Winnie The Pooh. When I first moved back to Tucson four years ago, I stopped by Lowes for some cleaning supplies and there was this outdoor bunny just sitting there all alone and so in the shopping cart it went alongside the watering hose, windex, various odds and ends.
    When I came inside I put in on the kitchen counter and it has stayed there ever since. In the walnut she holds I put various decorations. Today the walnut is holding a rock that says magic... hoping for rain.

  6. We have a Mitsuwa market in the suburbs of Chicago. It is wondrous and every couple of months I trek out there to buy matcha green tea and various items to cook with. Excellent spot although lugging all the stuff home is challenging.

  7. Laoch...
    I am so envious of you...
    shishiti peppers, nanami togarshi, dashi, tonkatsu sauce, great rice, drinks, takeaway food... food court filled with great food, miso ramen with special pork !
    I'm dieing here !
    Your so lucky.

  8. My comment about what a loving son you have has disappeared. I think sometimes I forget the word verification bit.