Friday, July 15, 2011


hey..... by angryparsnip
hey....., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

I can almost hear the rabbit saying "hey thats my spot "

When it is very hot, all the animals come to the shady plants and
trees that are on a drip system and dig in the cool dirt to nap away
the hot afternoons.
I looked out my studio window ( sorry about the window glare) to find
a Bunny Showdown by the sweet orange tree.
Talk about the Tombstone, OK Corral Showdown ! I could almost hear the
music and spurs clinking......
It seems this bunny had the best spot but after one circle around the
tree the bunnies thought better of hopping about in the heat and all
was resolved quickly.

The monsoon have stopped for a few days so that means sunny skies and
temperatures back up to the 102/108 range.
Tomorrow the next wave of storms start and we are watching the mountains
waiting to see the clouds building up.

We have been enjoying lovely summer weather last week because of the
monsoons cool down.
Highs in the upper 90's and lows in the 70's.
It was 68 this morning at my home and it was perfect ! Shocking !
I live higher in the foothills so I am always a few degrees cooler
than in the valley where City of Tucson is.

stormy. . . parsnip
music. . . Mercy, Duffy


  1. Cool rabbits! Enormous ears - more like our hares. I suppose that's partly a cooling mechanism?

    Can I be the first to type Bunfight at the OK Corral...

  2. I just do not know how you stand that heat Parsnip - even the rabbits are searching for a cool spot.

  3. Your bunnies are adorable! I don't know why, but bunnies and squirrels don't come into my neighborhood. I have to walk a ways to see any. The cool temp this morning was wonderful!

  4. That's interesing. Is the bunny buried in the ground? Sometimes animals do that to cool down. But I'd have thought they'd just go in their burrows, being rabbits!

  5. Titus...
    Yes among other things the big ears are a cooling devise.
    You can write anything in your clever way on my blog anytime.

    Empress Bee...
    I sit and wait the animals too much when I should be working. so very cute.

    and so many of them !

    I don't ! and rather hate the heat... but you adjust your day.
    Up early do all the outside chores or shopping before 11 or 12. Then spend the rest of the day inside. I save things like cleaning out files, drawers, busy work for an Air-conditioned home in summer and pop a movie in to keep me company.
    Then back out later in the evening.
    The pool also helps.

    I live in a very wild neighborhood not so much structure so we get lots of wildlife. Plus I live on the edge of it by the Ventana Resort so I am right at the foothills.
    I will send you a lot of my rodent population if you want some.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    The ground they dig in is damp so it is very cool, the burrows are dry so not as cool.

  6. I wonder if those rabbits are a special kind of desert species. I mean, they LOOK the same as rabbits in Ohio, but I can't imagine that the kind here in the North could survive such heat. But than neither could a lot of humans. I guess it's just a matter of adapting to one's surroundings.

  7. Kirk...
    We have Cotton Tails, in the photo and Jackrabbits that are bigger, learner, taller and have really long ears. Better to hear the predators. chomp !

    They are very cute and the babies are super cute.

  8. Love your wildlife, and glad the rabbits worked out their differences!

    I saw a couple of rabbits the other day at the local nature reserve, but they were much smaller than these and ran off when I tried to take a photo of them.

  9. Everything is bigger in America - even rabbit's ears;)