Friday, July 29, 2011


clouds... by angryparsnip
clouds..., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

A quick sketch of some monsoon cumulonimbus clouds

drawing. . . parsnip
music. . . Rain, Ryuichi Sakamoto


  1. Hello:
    Possibly, as you say, a quick sketch but, nonetheless, a delightful one and one which echoes all the soft, dreamy colours of a Tiepolo sky.

  2. Wow. I have absolutely no skill at all when it comes to the pencil. I don't even have nice handwriting. Really like your sketch. There seems to be no end to your talents!

  3. I think that's the first time I've seen a sketch of yours on this blog. You're very good.

  4. If this sketch was Chuck Norris it would have just done a roundhouse kick to my head.

    My mom is sooo cool.

  5. Jane and Lance...
    I had to look up Tiepolo Sky and after several google searches I came across a painting that I really liked so think I understand the blue sky and yellow clouds.

    jeanette ...
    Thank You.
    I have lost some mobility in my hands so I like using pencils and of course the eraser.
    Running your shop and working with your hands making your jewelry is something can't do and wish I could.

    Thank You...
    Last year I did the month of art project. You had to do a piece of art a day and post it. I didn't post every day, to much blogging. But it was interesting to make time, to set some part of your day aside and do some art. Lately I have been putting my art last but it feels great to just make time and draw..
    I was very stressed over something yesterday and I must admit I felt better after doing that quick sketch.

    Thank You, I wish I could write like you.

    awwwwwwwwwwwww, your so nice, such a great son !
    my sketch s very happy being compared to Chuck Norris. It tool me so.

  6. Beautiful. What medium are you using here?

  7. Loach...
    Thank you, I don't post much of my work but then I get on a sketching kick and seen to do nothing but that. The bills are piling up and so is the laundry.

    I usually use a few sketch books I have laying around but mostly grab some smooth card stock and color pencils.
    The pencils are mostly left overs from my children. Some prismacolors, crayola colors and a really pretty store brand that I can't remember where I bought them. I use them up till I can't sharpen them anymore.

  8. Wow I wish I could sketch like that!
    Anna :)

  9. PS It might be a quick ketch butit has a Van Gogh look to me.

  10. Anna...
    You will in a few years when son goes off to school and you have more time. But if I could take photos like you I wouldn't sketch, I would be in the darkroom all day !

    hahahahahahah.... I have looked back on some of my comments and they make no sense to me. My i key doesn't work and every once in awhile I must hit some key that I don't know about and I lose several sentences...
    You can write any thing you want on my blog !