Monday, July 11, 2011

parley view parsnip...

parley view parsnip... by angryparsnip
parley view parsnip..., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

My Monday Post about what is going on around my home...

Last Thursday started out like any typical monsoon day in Tucson.
Bright blue skies in the morning, fluffy white thunderhead clouds
building up and up, getting bigger and bigger in the afternoon till
they are islands of whipped cream floating over your head.
About 4PM the rains started over the Rincon Mountains to the east and
the Santa Ritas Mountains to the south.

We saw the curtain of rain coming towards us but thought we had time
to drive the few minutes to Ginza, our local Izakaya.
Half way there I saw and felt the typical fat, fat rain drops hitting
the ground and car and then came the faint sound of hail, melting
when it hit the car and ground. The hail only lasted sixty seconds,
and the curtain of rain pass over us and then was gone in ten minutes,
slowly moving west.
So typical of the summer monsoon we get in Tucson.

Coming home later in the evening, this is what the sunset looked liked.
Living in Tucson is like living in a technicolor movie from the 1930's
and 40's.

Fabulously Exciting !

Eryl. . . again many thanks for the great play on words in naming my
Monday blog post !
I smile every time I write it ^_^

smiling. . . parsnip
music. . .Workin' On The Cloud, OST, The Last Exile


  1. Hello:
    What drama and what a superb image. It all goes to make the electric storms which are so much part of the summer here rather like a light, passing April shower.

    We have never seen skies like this.

  2. You certainly have magnificent skies Parsnip.

  3. Don't you long to paint it?

  4. Hey Parsnip - thought this was something from Close Encounters!!! FAB!

  5. we used to live in sierra vista and i remember the roads would have places with little hills on them to stop on in a flood. i loved arizona, sarge did too.

    smiles, bee

  6. 'whipped cream floating over your head' - I like that parsnip. I am patiently waiting for the cool fresh rain to come down, may be tonight. I was going for summer record not to use air-conditioner, but I had to put it on last couple of days - only three times this summer so far. I really like fresh air, and we have been having cool nights. Take care, and thanks for sharing nice photo. Anna :)

  7. Spectacular sunset image! I love the summer monsoon. Each day a surprise. :)