Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wonderful gift

Wonderful gift, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Lovely friends at DuckworthMehner my financial advisors, sent me this
gift when Grand-baby Mia was born, see below post.
They also sent some very yummy treats for "The Two Square Dogs" who
love them !
They are sending back Square Thanks....

Why I am posting this picture of the un-opened gift ? besides the fact
it is wrapped beautifully is. . .
I have always loved this color combination.
I just like it and never gave it to much thought . . .
Nice colors and the green is the color of the moment but I have always
loved this color combination.

Well I just found out why. . .
The ribbon is the Blue of the Arizona Sky and the Green is the color
of the Palo Verde Tree that grows everywhere in Tucson.
Of course the white is the brilliant white of our Summer clouds.
I have always been drawn to these colors and over the years have worn
or used this combination in my art and home.

I grew up around these colors so I guess that is why I feel so
comfortable around them.
When I moved back to Tucson, Arizona after living many different places,
I remember driving down the Interstate heading South to Tucson and a
wave of feelings engulfed me,
I knew at that moment this was my home and I had missed it very much.

colorful. . . parsnip
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  1. The colors are beautiful. Although I like presents even if they are wrapped in old newspaper. It is just so much fun to unwrap a surprise.

  2. I'd be delighted to receive a paper-clip if it was wrapped like that! I also love that colour combination and like to play around with different blues and greens.

    Interesting what you say about the feeling you got as you drove back to Tucson: I got exactly the same feeling (I assume) the last time I visited my sister who still lives in the region we all grew up in: something about the blueness of the light really pulled me in and made me feel unusually complete. Here the light it grey, a blue sky is very rare, but even when the sky is blue it doesn't imbue, the atmosphere is still, somehow, grey tinged.

  3. It's so wonderful to feel to your bones that a place is 'home.'

  4. That must have made things easier - your homecoming. I can't imagine feeling the same returning to the Lancashire valley where I was born and bred but further north where we had holidays in the Lake District is always close to my heart.
    There is a very soft light here in Somerset where we live - which is very appealing.

  5. Carole...
    One time my son wrapped a gift for his sister that was wrapped in several trash bags, taped with packing taped and inserted in several boxes that had us all laughing so hard it took her a very long time to cut through it all.
    She had a great time and it was something she wanted just made it all the better!

    I just love that blue and green combination.

    I had been back to Tucson a few times but that day the feeling just came over me like a wave.
    Not to say that I couldn't live other places but that day, that hour, that second, I felt I was home.
    I think you had that same feeling.

    It was very comforting at that second.

    I just love the area you live in from your photos.
    I think it doesn't matter where you were born but a place that feels good in your heart for whatever reason.
    I have adored many of the places I have lived but sometimes home is home.