Thursday, July 15, 2010


Friends..., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Summer friends.
When it is hot, the temperature at 10:30 this morning was 100 + 26%
humidity, any cool shady place is a friend/ignore zone.
The clouds are building up and I hear thunder in the distance. I hope
this means in the afternoon the rain will come. Yea !

There are Quail, Cottontails, Squirrels and various lizards cooling
off and relaxing in the shade this morning. They dig in the damp soil
and then lay down to cool off.
Squirrels and lizards are out of view to the right with more
Cottontails and Quail. I counted 15 Quail milling and more are
resting under the bushes.

I love the way the Quail were just walking around looking for seeds
and the Bunny was just laying there not a care in the world.
Can we all say Spa Day ?

With the super bright light and dark shade, this was the best shot
from my studio window without spooking everyone.

hopeful. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe, Telepopmusik

Not sure if you can see but the Quail in front of the Bunny is the
Leader and he knows I am in the house taking this picture.
He is staring me down. . . Cheeky devil !


  1. I love this picture. It almost looks like the quail are protecting the bunny who looks very relaxed and happy in the shade.

  2. You could write a children's story based on this scene, or even an adult's one: living with nature rather than fighting against it all the time: The Quail, The Bunny, The Squirrel and The Lizard. I like that very green plan that's growing in the shade too.

    Does it feel hotter when the humidity is high, I know it makes a difference but not sure how?

  3. I think I would die in that kind of temperature - how do the two square dogs cope with the heat?

  4. Diane AZ...
    Love your take on the scene. It does look like that.
    After I took this picture more Quail came in and mushed down it looked like a bummpy carpet.
    The Squirrels like to do acrobatics and scatter the everyone. Naughty !

  5. Eryl...
    What a great name for a book. I am writing a book based on the stories we use to make up about our first Scottie and have a second based on "The Boys" and all the animals they live with but your idea is so fabulous.
    I does feel hotter in a strange weird way it stings.
    It gets muggy here the afternoons as the storms build up, but not like the humid weather in Washington DC or Japan in the Summer. Horrible !

    It really isn't as bad as it sounds and you adjust your day.
    "The Boys" pant a lot but spend many hours napping while laying flat on the cool tile floor.

  6. I wonder if the heat makes them conspire in their misery where they normally wouldn't. Fun picture and musings.

  7. Kass...
    I think " if you don't eat me your a friend " rule is in force here.

  8. We have a cat in the garden who does that staring down - also cheeky devil.
    Is there a sound during all that somnolence? In the South of France it would be crickets.

  9. Pat...
    We have cicadas and I must tell you I could do without that sound. The other birds and animals make sounds but not all the time and during the very hot afternoon everyone gets very quiet and tries to stay cool.
    Sunday a small flock of Wrens ? came and stayed in my trees and chirped and sang off and on for the afternoon. Very charming.
    I hope they ate some of the cicadas.

  10. Now if us humans could get along as well as the animals we would be doing okay.

  11. Carole...
    So true, but the animals here know who will eat you and who will ignore you.
    I have been watching this little play for about three years now, since moving to Tucson, and the bunnies and quail seem to hang out together.