Friday, July 23, 2010

Monsoons are here !

Monsoons are here !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The monsoons has started !
It has been raining, thundering, lighting and flash flooding all over
town this week.

On Thursday a man had to to rescued from the Santa Cruz River when he
fell and became trapped between a steep embankment and the fast moving
Now why he decided he needed to walk along the embankment by the fast
moving rain swollen river but he did and Tucson Fire Department
had to stage a white water rescue.

At the same time a local skateboarded decided he need cross a rain
swollen street was knocked over and needed to be rescued.
Thank goodness both men are fine but very lacking in the brain

For the last two months all the news channels have had shows on
Monsoon, with warnings, what to do and not to do.
And yet they swim, walk, fall and drive cars and truck through the
swollen rivers, creeks, streets and underpasses.

The next person who says " but I thought I could make it " gets a
super big fine, has to repay the Fire/Rescue Department
and a rolled up paper smack across the head !

As you can see in this picture it is raining hard in the mountains and
the flash flood will appear in our rivers, creeks and streets in
even if where you are it is sunny and no trace of rain.

It is Summer in Tucson !

dry. . . parsnip
music. . . Loopy ! Loopy !, Sky


  1. Hey Parsnip, I'm glad the rains have come to cool you down. But it seems they are treacherous. What an amazing part of the world you live in. I would like to experience that summer weather some time.

  2. I love drama in the weather, but not so much in stupid people.

  3. People are the same everywhere. Last night we had severe weather in St. Louis and tons of warnings about flash floods. Of course approx thirty cars (with people in them trying to drive through the floods) were trapped and had to be rescued. Seriously people?

  4. Parsnip you stay save. I don't know, but I wouldn't be able to live in areas with monsoons. I guess sometimes we adjust. Hope all is well, and nice photo. Anna :)

  5. Joanna...
    There is always something going on here and it has cooled down somewhat.

    Drama we have, usually the storms build up during the day then we have afternoon showers... I plan my day around them.

    What is it with people ? I make it sound like everywhere is flooded but it is just a few creeks and arroyos leading to the river. Some streets get flooded for a short time but they drain right away and all people have to do is just wait or drive down another street...

    Where I live I get very little run off and most of it goes into a ditch/depression in the road or arroyo. Not every road has a bridge but the main ones do and you should know to drive there.

    We have an railroad underpass in the old main part of the city and it gets filled with water if there has been a huge downpour. Every year some one will try to drive there car/truck through it and can't get out. It is well marked, do not enter when flooded but....
    Our city is very safe and extremely lovely the monsoon very beautiful and I love living here.
    Even if the whole world thinks Arizonans are racists, we are not !

  6. Water danger is like a magnet to some people. It takes a while to realise the power and force of a body of water which is unstoppable.
    The ones I despair of are the ones who let their pets run amok and then lose their lives trying to save them.

  7. Pat...
    I wonder how some people ever survive.

    Yes it is rather brooding and quite dangerous under the surface.