Sunday, July 25, 2010

The last view

The last view, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

One of the last pictures of the Century plant before I had it cut down
on 22 July 2010.
It was 35 feet tall and the birds all loved to sit on it and survey
their world.
I really miss this plant and I know nature has to run it course but It
was a very beautiful plant and I will miss it in my yard.
All the animals, birds, and the crawly things I don't like will really
miss it also.

Goodbye !


  1. No wonder blooming saps the life out of it, talk about going out with a bang!

  2. It has a graceful look - when I can tear my eyes away from the mountains.

  3. I have seen century plants but never one in bloom. So marvelous.

  4. David...
    It was so huge. Much bigger than lots of the blooming plants around town.

    It grew several inches every day.

    That is one reason I bought this home. The view.

    There are several just around where I live and for some reason this year lots of smaller ones bloomed also.