Thursday, July 8, 2010

Naruto #2

Naruto #2, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Road sign by the Naruto Bridge. You can see the Whirlpool symbol used
by the anime of the same name.


  1. This is like a still from a movie: our heroine has only two kilometers to go but she's not there yet!

  2. Very cool. I love whirlpools. They make the water look very dangerous and I think it is. Fun stuff.

  3. Eryl...
    Love the way you looked a this sign, for me it was OMG ! this is were the anime Naruto came from. this show was not one I watched but you couldn't miss all the advertisements for it.

    I have seen whirlpools in movies and cartoons but to actually see one in real life... I was like stop the car, we were on the bridge, so I can get a better view. I was gobsmacked.
    When your on the ferry it is even better !