Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank You Sunset Magazine.

Thank You Sunset Magazine., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Japanese son is always sending me e-mails and posting on his blog all
the fabulous food he is eating in Japan.
It could be some lovely family meal or a dinner out at some of my
favorite restaurants.
Insert food envy here.....

Well son it is Payback Time ! Yeaaa Hawwwww !

I have always wanted to try to make a " Dutch Baby " or as this recipe
in Sunset magazine calls it "Oven Cake".
I researched the different recipes and they were all about the same.
This one had apple slices in it.
I bought a ovenproof frying pan and followed the super easy recipe
and Waa Laaaaaaa !
So tasty and Sunday Brunch was very enjoyable !

I can't believe the finished product looks just like the recipe
photo ! It puffed up and was super light.

So take that Japanese son, I can post yummy food pictures too !

mmmmmmmm. . . parsnip
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  1. YUMM!! I didn't know it at the time, but I'm pretty sure this is exactly what I was craving to eat this morning. Maybe we can bake one when we are together next week! (I can't wait)

  2. Molly....
    You betcha'... it is super easy and so yummy !

  3. I love any cake with apple in it. There is lovely Somerset one. You know you'll have to bake him one when you are there.

  4. Looks good. I'm jealous of your oven.


    I currently have photos from our anniversary dinner on my phone. Sea urchin on a dollop of carrot cream.

    The battle is just beginning.

  5. Pat...
    I must get back to the UK I remember eating some lovely Pub Food and Cakes when I was there last time !
    Big problem homes/apartments in Japan don't have ovens, only small microwave/oven combos. I think he can bake 4 ? cookies at a time.

    woo hooooo, One point for me !

    Well bring it on, Lets see what you got....
    I won't even tell you about the Root Beer float made with A&W......
    Let the games begin. They don't call me mumzilla for nothing ! ! !

  6. Looks yummy, crunchy and soft all at the same time.

  7. I love the name of this cake, a Dutch baby, a reference to the oven presumably. It looks delicious.

  8. Kass...
    It was very easy and quite tasty. It puffs up and then when you take it out of the oven it sinks.
    We thought it tasted like a crepe.
    Some Recipe Books say it is similar to a Yorkshire Pudding. Milk, flour and eggs poured in a very hot pan and baked in the oven. Served with lemon and powered sugar.

    I always thought the name so cute.
    The recipe I looked at said it was just another way to say German Pancake as in Deutsch=Dutch so small puppy pancakes were Americanized to Dutch Babies ???
    All I know it is a Pancake you bake in the oven and it puffs ups ! and it is so good !
    My recipe said oven safe pan but I guess it might have started out in a Dutch oven ? no top needed.

  9. I wanted to type PUFFY pancake... but small puppy pancakes sound kinda cute too !

  10. If it tastes as good as it looks.......!!

    and I'm sure you could use plums etc inthe same recipe.
    Buster sends hid best to the square ones.

  11. Carole...
    Since I really don't cook that much anymore (because of my many health problems= weight gains) when I do try a new recipie and it works I am always so suprised ! and it was easy !

    It was very tasty and I think any stone fruit would work. I love Plums and if sliced thin would work. I am just guessing here ?
    The Square Ones say woof back ! It is hot today 105 they are inside laying flat on the cool tile.

  12. My that looks just delicious. I love Sunset too. So inspiring.

  13. It looks utterly gorgeous, and I love the pan too.

    This looks set to be a very interesting gastro-battle!

  14. Joanna...
    I always want to try everything that Sunset talks about.
    The gardening hints for any area you live in are always the best. I always want my yard to look like theirs.

    You should have seen me in the store trying to pick out an oven safe pan. I had to drag a friend along to help and I must have as the poor sale-person a dozen times "are you sure this is oven safe" I love the pan it has a lid and it wide and deep.
    Let the battles begin !