Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Problems with Blogs and the Naruto Bridge... check post below

Check post below !

I too have had blog problems.... mine started with the last up-load I
was doing on Monday night.

The way my blog is set-up I post one picture only with text.
So to show more I have to start at last picture and work to first with
the main text, posting each one as I go.
All was going well till I hit the send button for the 5th and last
post when a new page dropped down ,
blah blah blah reset name, no server .... blah blah blah ? ? ? ? WT?

Of course it thought "comcast" the worst cable server in the world,
was at fault ... yes I did !
I could walk to Japan before anything downloads lately... Interference
anyone !

So I did post several picture but then deleted then because they made
no sense without the main post !

confused. . . parsnip
music . . . none today, too confused


  1. I wondered what was going on here: I could see you had made a new post on my sidebar but couldn't access it. Once the odd comment thing started up I just presumed it was part of the same thing: Blogger seems to having some serious tantrum at the moment.

  2. Eryl...
    Your comments are showing up on the blog but my post notifier on the blog doesn't show how many comments.
    That goodness my g-mail notifier shows the comment.

    Wow congratulations on you Graduation !
    will post something tomorrow for you !

  3. it's been a strange day in blogville, sugar! let's hope things are settling down down. xoxoxo

  4. savannah...
    I was going to post on your blog but with all the chatter back and forth I thought I would wait and see if it settled down.
    Still having problems with the comment notifier...

    Hope you had a nice 4th !

  5. I had the same problem as Eryl. I'm hoping it's all better now;)

  6. What I thought was funny(in an irritating way) was how my google reader had all five bridge posts up and every time I clicked on one, the apple appeared. At first I thought you were sending a very creative message with an apple.

  7. To everyone....

    So sorry about the deleted posts it took me forever to get them up then blog froze wouldn't let me post or get on at all.
    ARGH !
    I will never delete again what ever order it is in then that is it...
    Never knew blogging was this hard!
    I am still having problems, Japanese son will log on and clean up the weirdness.... I hope !

    cheers, parsnip