Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congratulations Eryl !

Congratulations Eryl !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Sunset with Palo Verde, Mountains and Raindrops . . . I think there
are stars too, there must be stars !

Congratulations Eryl ! I
Hope I didn't miss your Graduation. . .

cheers, parsnip
music, From The Morning, Nick Drake


  1. What a glorious sky!
    love to the little square ones....!

  2. They look like stars to me;)

  3. lovely! xoxoxo

    (too funny, the word verification was gradd!)

  4. Elizabeth...
    I played with it a little to show the raindrops...but the skies in Tucson are fabulous.

    It is the light !

    Then they are stars !

    love the word verification. sometimes they are so funny and other times fit !

  5. Thank you, you didn't miss it, you make me smile! Gorgeous photograph the pink is amazing.

  6. I have never seen that purpleness in a sunset here in the UK - beautiful colour. And how i love those two square black dogs. Shall put you on my blog list right now. Thanks for visiting me. Call again.

  7. Eryl ...
    My Goodness what an accomplishment... Well Done and you look Fabulous getting your degree !

    I have enjoyed your blog and drove through your area when my son was at Cambridge. I came and collected him when the semester was done and we spent time just before Christmas driving all around. One of my best 2 weeks ever !
    My Samantha was just like your Border Terrier and I still miss her ! She was a great dog and my best friend.
    As for the sky I popped the contrast a bit, to show more raindrops. My little "point and click" doesn't always capture the color of the sky here. It is all about the light !