Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Summer Another Fire...

Early Saturday afternoon, the starting of the Mc Fall fire in Sabino
Canyon, about 5 minutes from my home.
Living for so many years in California and having my home burned in
the big Laguna Beach fire in 1983 you know what a fire smells like
plus you can feel the vibe in the air.

I looked up from my desk in my studio and this is what I saw. It
almost looked liked the morning mist or light fog when I lived in
Laguna Beach. If you make the photo bigger you can see some flames to
the left and smoke to the right.
It is not a big fire and was very slow moving, and the Fire Department
is keeping an eye on it and will let it just burn it's self out.
That night looked like someone strung some fairy lights on the ridge
top, a sad dangerous beauty

I remember the press liked to broadcast from in front of what was left
of my home because we had a fireplace and two walls with a window
still standing.
To this day even the smell of a barbeque or a fireplace in winter
triggers memories. It is only in the last few years that I can have
a fire in my fireplace.
In the end all is well and sometimes a small fire is good, it burns
off some old growth, the summer rain will clean the air and for me
memories are just that some good and some bad.

Funny fire story and why I love Shirley MacLanie. . .

California was on fire that Fall, this seemed to to the fore-runner
of all the big fires California has been having of late. The Laguna
Fire happened just before a huge LA Earthquake and another fire in
Malibu is known for movie stars, beautiful ocean views, mudslides and
The news crew was interviewing Shirley and with no make-up hot fire
wind blowing her hair she is giving a great interview about the fire
and her home. With her great smile and attitude she said that Malibu
was thinking of changing their area code to 911. You gotta' love her !

Irma La Duce. . . parsnip
music. . . Bittersweet Memory, Blue Merle


  1. I can imagine after your awful fire experience that any smell of smoke or sight of fire is quite scary for you. It is hard for us to imagine here in the UK, although this year has been a very dry one with some dangers of fire.
    I do enjoy popping over to your blog and seeing those two little square dogs.

  2. Weaver...
    Not sure if I am scared as much as angry ? The Laguna fire was arson and not a lighting strike as this one.
    The pure force of one of the California wildfire as it devours everything in its way, plus it is usually wind whipped and they roar as they destroy. Overwhelming !

    I also love seeing your Border Terrier... she is so cute, love seeing her look for "Wabbits" very funny.
    I miss my Border Terrier so much. Great dogs but I can't say that around my Scotties ! ! !

  3. Talk of attitude - I'm full of admiration for how you have come to terms with what must have been a terrifying experience.

    'In the end all is well and sometimes a small fire is good, it burns
    off some old growth, the summer rain will clean the air and for me
    memories are just that some good and some bad.'

    It always heartens me how - after what seems total devastation - the earth somehow rejuvenates itself.

  4. I second Pat: to have your home annihilated like that because of some idiot and be able to be so zen: you are my Buddha, X

  5. Pat...
    Sometimes you don't have a choice in life and in the end you must react the best you can. You can be overwhelmed but especially if you have children you must live a good life.
    I know someone who years after the fire was still crying. She never allowed herself to move on she is still stuck in that day.

    The Fire Department set controlled burns to get rid of dangerous old growth that in Arizona can be a huge fire problem. The land is cleared and new plants can grow and be stronger.
    I am always amazed how fast plants start to grow after a fire. It seems like just days and something green is growing. Fabulous.

  6. Eryl...
    Thank You,
    I don't really know how Buddha I am but I try to live a good life.
    That said if I ever met the arsonist I would have some sort of atonement that had to do with him working everyday for the rest of his life rebuilding and replanting what he destroyed in every fire damaged area in California.

  7. Clicking did not enlarge, but it took me to your flickr, which is awesome.

    It's amazing you can be so calm. I hope it all works out for you and the beauty around you.

  8. Kass...
    Clicking made it somewhat bigger on my site... The fire was down in the canyon...
    My flicker needs to be worked on I haven't made them into sets like on my sons site.
    Funny side note to this day I look for things and wonder where I put them till it dawns on me that they are gone.