Friday, July 9, 2010

Ramen Bear

Japanese son took this picture at a shop right by where he teaches in Amagasaki.

hungry... parsnip
music... we came to party, j kwon


  1. David....
    Hey, thanks for the help on the post.
    I just found the right music, something a Bear eating Ramen would like ! Loud, bouncy and it sounds like a bear is singing.... yea J !

  2. ...especially love the drool.

  3. He looks as if he is going to wreak havoc on that neat display.

  4. Someone fill his bowl for goodness sake!

  5. Is that your son's reflection in the Bear's arm? He is taking a picture with his cell phone. Everyone uses thier phones for more than talking these days.

  6. Kass...
    Well for Ramen this good I think he would drool.
    Signage in Japan is unbelievably fun and fascinating.

    He took lessons from Godzilla. Was a very fast learner.

    Me too please ! ! !

    His phone is fabulous. Besides being a great phone, the camera on it is better than my camera.
    When I visit this fall I am going to see if I can get one. Don't know if it will work in America...
    I am thinking not as American phones are garbage and they don't want the competition.