Thursday, July 8, 2010

Naruto #3

Naruto #3, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Fun tourist map with Naruto Bridge and Whirlpool.

Notice very happy tourists driving red car, I had a car just like
that and it was fun to drive.
Unfortunately I didn't have the cute guy driving. Which really has
nothing to do with this Japanese sign.
I just thought I would toss that bit of unrelated info in for no
reason at all.

Japan has lots of this type of information signs all over.
I rather like them better than the newer plain ones we have in America.
When you look at this sign you know that you will have fun.
And I did !
This is where I bought the Bamboo Charcoal Cake and It was Fabulous !


  1. I love the way they use colour in Japan, they mix them up but nothing ever looks harsh or too bright.

  2. I'm confused. Where are you now? Was this an earlier trip?

  3. Eryl...
    Their use of color is interesting but they are super big on neon and I must say at night it is quite explosive to the senses !

    Pat ...
    I didn't tie this in right...
    In the posts that I had trouble with I was trying to show the area/bridge that was on the potato chip bag that my son sent.
    These pictures are from my last trip. I will be in Osaka this fall.
    Sorry for the confusion !