Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finding Sushi. . . or yes we have Uni !

Fabulous paper fish in the outside wall waiting area for a
restaurant at The Nishinomiya Gardens Mall, Japan.
I fell in love with the purple Sea Urchin ( Uni )

photos by mollybot


  1. Those are great... Never noticed them... but I never ate at that restaurant.

  2. Hard to believe these are made of paper. They are just so beautiful.

  3. David...
    It is on the 4th floor where the more posh restaurants are. In fact if you ever find the time run up there please get a business card for me, I forgot to pick one up.
    The trouble is everyone of the restaurants were so good at that Mall. The Food Court was beyond great and I wanted to try the Takoyaka there !

    ohhhhhhhhhh I see a battle coming on !
    I have a cane and know how to use it !

    They were stunning !

  4. I love those paper fish. And the purple sea urchin was quite nice. Very nice.

  5. Carole...
    You will have to stand in line for the sea urchin

  6. I reckon you could make these if you put your mind to it. I once tried to make a papier mache puffer fish but gave up in frustration: no talent, no skill. But you could do it.

  7. Pat...
    I so agree ! Must steal this idea !

    I was enchanted !

    Thank you for the vote of confidence.
    I am finishing up several projects right now and I feel my design ability rather lacking this week. Bummer !