Friday, November 12, 2010

More Mochi Goodness !

More Mochi Goodness !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Display of the all the wonderful Mochi packages designed by Taro Gomi.
Ack ! the cuteness of this display is killing me !

I would have bought every box there but I knew how much space was left
in my luggage.

This is a link to their shop. See the Fabulous !

woo hoo. . . parsnip
music. . . Gimme Some Lovin', Spencer Davis Group
photo by, mollybot


  1. Oh, the other thing about these is they are called Kibi-dango. Kibi is the pre-Meiji name for what is part of Okayama prefecture. Okayama is famous for being the setting for the story of Momotaro--on of Japan's most recognized fairy tales. In the story the lead character Momotaro gives Kibi-dango to a dog, monkey, and pheasant and they help him defeat an evil oni (ogre).

    We had a speech contest at school the other day and the organizers, who came from outside of our school, gave the staff involved a manjyu (mochi based sweet) as a thank you gift. They are typically not so good. I've gotten tons of these over my time here... but OMG these were so good. Sadly they have to be kept cold so I can't send you any, but you can see them here...
    They were so good I went out and bought some today to give to Mikaemon, Tonbo, and Yuko of course.

  2. David...
    Thanks but I still needed some help, I am understanding it better, Adam is a big help and of course the mollybot !

    I understand about the Manjyu.... every time I have one (not as many as you) I always think I will like them. I don't !
    I think it is my perception of what I "think" they should taste like like gets in my way ? ? ?
    Must try some the next time I come out.
    Happy you gave some to Mikaemom, Yuko and OMG Tonbo. . . we were just talking about him the other night dreaming of Okonomiyaki and Kimchi and Pork !

  3. They look so cute. You can't have too moch Mochi.
    I'll get my coat;)

  4. Oh I remember when I was in Japan, and those lovely packaging for all kinds of cookies and sweets. So much patience in this culture. Anna :)

  5. Pat...
    You crack me up !
    too moch mochi indeed !

    The cuteness is everywhere !

  6. I love the bright colored packages!

  7. Kanani...
    I love the packaging ! I keep bringing back tons of wrapping...

    There is a site for the mochi in English but it was too hard for me to link because it is "translated"
    just type in
    and hit the translate part on the right.
    You can order the packages er... sweets too !