Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Deer of Nara.

The Deer of Nara., originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Sika Deer, are regarded as messengers of the Gods in the Shinto Religion.

They roam the grounds of the Todai-ji Temple and parts of the city of
Nara freely.

You will see them cross the busy intersection in the crosswalk with
the tourists and the people who live and work in the area.
Sometimes they will cross the street by themselves but they don't pay attention to
Red and Green lights. So even if it is your time to drive,
you must wait for the deers to cross the road and they can take their sweet
time. After all it is their City and Temple !

Photos by sleepytako and mollybot

running. . . parsnip
music. . . Vanishing World, Final Fantasy


  1. The deer look so sweet, I would love to visit there and feed them cookies. :D

  2. They look rather like the ones at Knowle in Sevenoaks where Vita Sackville West was brought up. They were very tame and I have a lovely photo of one with my younger son when he was a boy.

  3. Diane...
    They look so sweet here but wait till you have the cookies in your hand.

    I must look Sevenoaks up.
    The deer are tame till they see the cookies !

  4. Arrgh! That is so surreal! Bambi lives!

  5. Titus...
    Bambi does indeed live and is very happy in Nara !
    They rule !
    The cookie sellers train the babies not to seal the cookies so they are well behaved till you walk away from the stand.
    I also adore that you cross the streets in the painted crosswalks and right next to you walking ( to work ) is/are several deer just like anyone... what a hoot !

  6. What charming deer!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the little square guys
    Buster sends his best wishes!!!

  7. Good to meet you, parsnip! When I first saw Carole mention you on Dry Bones, I thought someone had offended her and the angry parsnip reference was just a bit of sarcasm!

    The deer are enchanting...and I think the dogs are cute, too!

  8. William...
    They are very much Bambi !

  9. Carole...
    They are everywhere ! just hanging out doing a little gossiping, chatting about the weather as one does.