Monday, November 1, 2010

Osaka Tower

smIMG_5594, originally uploaded by Mollybot.

I adore Osaka Tower ! It is in the old downtown area of Osaka.
It is much loved by the people and was called when first built "The Tower Reaching Heaven"

It is famous for it's neon lights and has a wonderful big clock. One side of the tower also has public service announcements.
I think it has a charm all it's own and I love the retro sci fi look. Unlike the more well known Tokyo Tower that is painted painted red and white, looks like the Eiffel tower and is much taller, I really like the Osaka Tower better ! Very Kawaii !

This photo was taken by mollybot (Daughter) on our last trip to Osaka and it was a super busy day. Right below and around the tower there is a little open space and the best takoyaki stand ever !
I love this older area of Osaka it is vibrant, fun, exciting, a feast for the eyes and of course the food !

Add-on.... I forgot to write that this was festival week all over Japan, so lots of days off from work and school so everyone was out and about ! Fun !

osaka. . . parsnip
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  1. You'd be amazed how like Blackpool, England, that looks!

    Plus ca change...

  2. My that street looks crazy crowded. Not sure I would like that, not a fan of crowds. Do like that large wooden turtle on the wall to the left, fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog, fun to meet another desert dweller out here!

  3. Titus...
    So Blackpool has Takoyaki and Fugu restaurants too ? if only !
    I think on an holiday week every town has a street that looks like this.
    I have not been to Blackpool yet, but I am thinking maybe I would fit right in.

    It is usually not this crowded but a Festival is a time to have fun ! no ?
    If you like the Turtle just wait til you see the next photos Fugu's hang from every nook and cranny and many light up. It is all I can do not to rip one off it's hinges and take off running.

  4. Oh wow, I love. Now I'm going to have to go to Blackpool, it being just that bit nearer than Osaka!

  5. Eryl - don't bother. Blackpool had charm for a child in the thirties but not any more.
    This place looks as if it is buzzing:)

  6. Eryl...

    Well according to Pat that is off our list of places to visit if and when I get out your way and drag you around with me !

    Holiday week everyone had some days off.
    It is usually not that busy but Good Lord it is way too much fun ! and I don't like crowds.

  7. Did anyone notice the giant turtle climbing the wall? It looks a little wooden, but I love it, even more than the tower.

  8. Just getting caught up reading all your fab Japan trip posts. This is the most awesome photo ever! Just takes me right there. Now I want to go to Osaka.

  9. Aki...
    As much as I love Tokyo and Sailor Moon.... I am just crazy about Osaka and the people. I always have such a great time there.