Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cute Mascots

smIMG_5539, originally uploaded by Mollybot.

Japan sometimes seems to have the market covered on Kawaii ! (cute)
but Oh My Goodness ! how cute are two mascots outside Mainichi Broadcasting Building.
Channel 4 TV mascot is a very kawaii Lion. The other (elf-platypus ?) is the mascot for a popular comedy show.

Mascots are everywhere in Japan and I love them !

kawaii. . . parsnip
music. . .Tonari No Totoro, ost My Neighbor Totoro

photos by mollybot


  1. Very cute and such a contrast to our wintry weather.

  2. They look enormous! I really like the blue and pink poster creatures, and the orange poster too.

  3. Yes, they are super cute!

    So glad you are enjoying the Jane story!!!

  4. I thought they were toy size - until I saw the people.

  5. Just wait until they come alive and start wrecking havoc in downtown Tokyo...

  6. Weaver...
    The photo was taken in September if that helps but
    our temps today are 77 to 53.

    It is a hoot to just walk down a street in Japan. The cuteness is everywhere !

    Cute but not as cute as someone named Buster.So enjoying Jane's Story ! I must force myself to stop reading as I have three more jobs to finish !

    Yes, they are very big and I must say I am very intrigued by the platypus-elf ?

    Nah... Osaka maybe this is in the Kansai and my personal hero and role model GODZILLA has a head start.

  7. Very taken with the elf-platypus...

    It's the colour that is so zinging to see.

  8. Mainichi Broadcasting System or MBS for short is the biggest TV station in Kansai (I think)...

    MBS is on Channel 4 here, 4 in Japan is "yon" which, with some imagination you can get the word "lion" which is the reason for the mascot.

    The other thing, I don't know what it is, is from the popular afternoon comedy-talk-variety show ChiChinPuiPui.

  9. Titus...
    The color is always so bright...and whatever the elf-platypus is I WANT !

    must watch any program called...ChiChinPuiPui !

  10. I am partial to the lion, but his billed friend is cute too. Their bright colors sure stand out against the dark glass in the background. Your picture is gorgeous!

  11. Diane...
    Daughter, mollybot took that photo and I so agree the dark background really helps the color pop !