Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Goodness... Tasty and Cute

Little two bite Mochi
Mochi is made of glutinous rice pounded into a paste molded into
shapes and cooked. You can buy Mochi flour now and skip the pounding
These little sweets were plain Mochi.

Daifuku is a soft round mochi filled with sweet Red Bean paste.
If your lucky you can find Shiominama Daifuku, that have Red Bean
Paste with Cream filling rolled in Sea Salt. Fabulous !

Mochi can also be wrapped around Ice Cream.


  1. They sound like nothing I've eaten before. Though I recently had red bean paste on ice cream in a Korean restaurant and wasn't entirely sure what I thought of it. What kind of texture do these have, crisp, sticky? I want them for the packaging alone!

  2. As Eryl says - which is odd considering all the food programmes now on TV. Are they known generally in the States?

  3. To be frank, I dont give a fig what they taste like. But I want, want, want that packaging!!!

  4. Mochi is kind of chewy and soft. It has a really light flavor and isn't super sweet. Most people who know about it in the states know it because of the mochi covered ice cream which can be found in bigger or gourmet grocery stores. I like to make my own plain mochi by steaming it in the oven.

    You forgot to mention that the art on the packing is done by Taro Gomi! He's the artist behind those fabulous (and huge) coloring books! I think the first one is called "Scribbles" He also did the art for the book "everyone poops" which I never read as a child but a lot of people my age remember it fondly...

  5. Eryl...
    These were squishy. Red Bean paste is very sweet and it is not like anything Westerners eat. I like it but have been eating it for a long time and a little goes along way.
    when Japanese eat sweets it is really sweet and a very small piece with Tea so the flavors work off each other.
    Mostly something sweet is lightly sweeten not like in America.

    Molly explained it better than I could. Talented Daughter !

    That is almost exactly what I said. "I Want That Package" plus I had to think about where I would stuff it in my luggage.
    Many foods you can buy at train stations and rest stops are regional and can only bought in that area.
    These Mochi have a store and I will try and link to it so you can see all the package glory !

    Molly ...
    Thanks for all you great info.... So lucky to have a Daughter like you.
    I love Taro Gomi's work... I am trying to keep my post short and easy to read but I should have mentioned his name. Bad Mumazilla !

  6. Love the packaging!! so cute. And I LOVE mochi. Probably one of the first solid foods I learned to eat as a very small child. I was a mochi fiend.

  7. Aki...
    I love fried Mochi !
    And the packaging is so cute I can't bear it !