Monday, November 29, 2010

Sun Shower in Tucson

Sun Shower in Tucson, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

It was lightly raining, the sun was out, the clouds blowing in from
the north and a light dusting of snow on Mt. Lemmon.

Winter has come to Tucson. The high today 50 and the low 28.
Hope my old citrus grove will survive, I may run out and pick up some
lights to keep them warm but later this week it will be in the 70 +
They are loaded with fruit. If we have a wind tonight they will be fine.
I usually leave them in the hands of the weather gods ! and hope for
the best.

dithering . . . parsnip
music. . Suddenly The Trees are Giving Way, Ulrich Schnauss

p.s. the weather warning just came on with a hard freeze tonight...
just might go out and pick up some lights... the small amount of heat
coming off from the light bulb usually is enough to help the trees.
Off to the hardware store !


  1. Hello, I'm visiting you from another blog and am awed by that brilliant rainbow over Tucson. We visited your area in the spring and did some hiking in the mountains. I sure hope your trees survived. Your low will be our high today - it is very cold here in Breckenridge, CO!

  2. That's a pretty spectacular rainbow! I didn't realise it got so cold in Tucson. Jolly good idea about the lights, though I expect it's far too cold for that trick to work here. The lights would probably just break!

  3. Carole...
    Usually the few days of freezing comes later in the year ... If I lost any fruit it was on the outside of the tree.

    Lots of rainbows here !

    These tree are 35+ years and have seen lots of weather. Sometimes I worry about them in the few freezing nights we have but they seem to be fine.

    It gets cold here but usually not this early. We have several freezing nights but that is about it. Even in our colder months, the days warm up nicely. We get a few days of overcast plus rain but it never lasts. Christmas is warm but January and February are our cold rainy months.
    I have two warmer jackets that I have never worn since moving back here. I have a one layer brushed fleece jacket that I wear all the time with scarf, gloves and a knit cap for the cold days.

  4. I have never seen one quite so spectacular