Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yummy vending machine

Yummy vending machine, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Hot, really hot, Udon (noodles) in a can. Cold coffee and green tea in
the space below.


  1. The thought of being able to wander the streets and then get hot (really hot!) food from a vending machine fills me with utter delight. If only...

  2. Pat...
    So much everyday packaging in Japan is like art to me. My suitcase is always full of paper.

    Hot food and very cold drinks ! perfect !

  3. The udon is actually "ramen" but it's not real ramen... the noodles are made from konyaku jelly. It's a type of potato starch that's formed into noodles. Normal noodles would dissipate in the hot broth after a few days.

    Next to it is corn chowder with noodles and oden... stuff (eggs, tofu, fish cakes, etc) that's simmered in a broth.

  4. Oh, and they are all sold out... popular--I guess.

  5. David...
    I knew about the noodles, but I just love saying and writing Udon... what a nerd I am !
    Hey I want the corn chowder and fish cake one, please ! wouldn't pass up tofu and egg either.