Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guaranteed a place in Heaven

One of the rear support pillars of the temple has a hole through the
bottom, if you are successful in squeezing through you are guaranteed
a place in Heaven.

This is very small, children and teens get through, adults will try
and usually have to back out.
One of my sons was going to try and we all knew he could have done it
but it was a weekend and the line was really long.


  1. I am lost for words. Guaranteed?! One thing actually worth dieting for...

  2. William...
    We all knew he could have made it through but we had a baby with us and I was tired plus the line was long. I really wanted him to try because what a hoot to have a foreigner get through. Plus the whole getting into Heaven thing.

    Love your comment, you so crack me-up !

    No need to save you a place... your IN !