Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guardian King

Guardian King, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

One of the Kings who protect the Four Directions.
Carved wood extremely tall and beyond Beautiful.

p.s. Thanks to internet (comcast) problems my posts are all messed up and not in the correct order. This photo goes after Todia-Ji Temple and the Buddha, Daibutsu which is still floating around cyber space somewhere.


  1. Gorgeous sculpture, I like all the fine details in the clothing! I hope your Buddha post shows up. :)

  2. Diane...
    This Guardian king was beautiful and as I was looking up at it the sunlight poured in and it was glowing.

    Thanks for stopping by I must check out your site, I have just worked my way out of a huge photo printing job... must start cards now ! ! !

    He was very Impressive !

  3. I am sorry about your problems with comcast but I must say your pictures are beautiful.

    I feel like I have been to Japan without spending all the money.

  4. Carole...
    Comcast has struck again... newest post is out in cyber land somewhere...
    anyways I adore the way the light just poured in as the picture was taken.
    I forgot to post that these pictures were taken by mollybot and sleepytako... it was either walk or take pictures and it was a tough walk. They had to help me up the steep stairs and high door frames. Bummer !