Monday, June 20, 2011

parley view parsnip....

parley view parsnip.... by angryparsnip
parley view parsnip...., a photo by angryparsnip on Flickr.

My Monday blog about what is happening around my home...

All four fires in Southern Arizona are still burning with small
battles won but really no containment. High temperatures, dry
winds, no humidity and rough terrain all have added to a very tough
four weeks.

In Sierra Vista, Southeast of Tucson, about an hour and a half away by
road, the fire is still burning growing by the hour has jumped the
highway and is heading North. Todays low winds and temperatures of
only 99, will allow the slurry and water dropping helicopters to take
off and help out the crews on the ground.

Sunday afternoon the winds changed from blowing from the East to
circle around and start blowing from the West. The afternoon went
from blue sky to a veil of dust filled air that encroached closer and
closer till all the mountains around Tucson look liked the were
enveloped in a golden fog. Beautiful in a sad destructive way.
Today it is fairly clear, blue sky and the winds have quieted down,
thank goodness !

The above photo was taken late Sunday afternoon when the dust filled
air was swirling all around my home
I tried shooting directly towards the sun which was a white ball
floating behind the veil of iridescent dust and this is what the
camera saw.
The afternoon wasn't this devoid of color in fact it was a lovely
golden color but I rather like the feeling of this photo.

dusty. . . parsnip
music. . . Things Behind The Sun, Nick Drake

note. . .
A new fire has been spotted near Bear Canyon Lake. The Wallows fire is
about a mile north of the lake.
Another fire The El Camino Fire started by the border is six miles
east of Sasabe.


  1. Hello:
    We are so very, very saddened and alarmed to hear this news of the on-going fires. What an absolutely dreadful and most worrying situation. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected and, in particular, to those whose job it is to fight this terrible and destructive menace. We pray that the news will soon be better and that the flames may abate whilst being contained.

  2. Have been out of town and everywhere we go and mention we are from Phoenix, people ask about the fires. Glad to get a little news. The photo is very nice.

  3. "Beautiful in a sad destructive way"

    I like that. The sentence, not the calalmity.

  4. There is something beautiful in disaster, sometimes. I detest the overused expression "awesome", but "awe-inspiring" comes to mind. One needs to just stop and take it all in. With awe.

  5. That's a great shot mom. If the sun rose in the west I could imagine that to be an early morning picture. Or something from Dune.

    Email me the original so I can tweak some of the colors and crop out the building on the left.

  6. Sorry about the fires! This time of year stinks in the states for fires. Florida started to battle some big ones right when we left! Hope all is well with you!

  7. We live on the moors and fires can be such a hazard. Not right now though - first day of summer today so it is raining. How british eh?

  8. This is all so scary an tragic Parsnip. The gamekeepers burn our heather moors every year in a controlled burn but our climate is such that it never gets out of hand.

  9. Our forest is so dry right now, I'm glad it's closed. Looking forward to when AZ gets some good rains.

    Your picture is beautiful, I love the tree.

  10. That really is a fantastic photo, it really captures a sense of desolation and is slightly ghostly, as if the fires have woken the spirits.

  11. Jane and Lance...
    Fire is part of our life in the Sonoran Desert but man made fires as these were are unacceptable. We all are watching the weather.

    Yes we are here with fires and you are having a lovely time in Washington. Is it hot and humid or are you getting some rain ?

    Exactly how I was feeling at the time.

    I have lived through a fire like this and one is in awe of the destructive beauty.

    Thanks coming from you that is a huge compliment.
    I thought it very interesting especially the shimmering water.
    I so agree with the Dune image.

    Social Frog...
    Yes it is that time of year. Bee has been talking about the smoke from the fires in her blog.

    I love that the first day of summer was overcast at Stonehenge and raining at your house. Send some our way !

    Yes, it is and the firefighters have a huge battle to fight.

    It is so sad because the fires are man made which makes me furious ! The fire that burned much of Laguna Beach and my home was set by some brain dead jerk.
    I still have waves of anger that engulfs me at times like now. I see people and animals who are displaced and injured and I know what a long road is ahead of all of them.

    I am also very happy about the closing too. But what were they thinking about allowing fireworks ? when that was pass last tear I thought so dumb !

    Thank You, I liked the photo too ! what didn't come out it that photo was the sky was a soft tint of blue.
    I like the idea of spirits being awaken.
    It you have the time watch the movie Princess Mononoke, it is about the forest spirits being awaken.

  12. It is a lovely photo - small comfort when there is so much devastation.
    I do hope there is an end to it soon.

  13. Ooh, I will look out for Princess Mononoke, it sounds just my thing.

  14. It's a beautiful shot.

    I'd heard today that someone else I know in Arizona has had to evacuate from home.