Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Mother

My Mother, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Today is my Mother's Birthday.

Her parents named her Dolly because when she was born everyone thought
she looked just like a doll.

I have written before about what a fabulous person and mum she was.
From her gardening skills, she could put a dry stick in the ground
and I swear the next day it was green with blooms.
A wonderful cook and baker. I so miss eating her Polish dishes.
Embroidery and the sewing machine were her friends.
Avid reader
She was an account before she married and for all of her life she
wrote the most beautiful numbers.

But most of all she was my Mum, she loved and supported me and I miss
her so much.

daughter. . . parsnip
music . . . Hello Dolly, OST

My family lost everything in the huge fire that almost destroyed
Laguna Beach in 1993.
One of the few things I grabbed before we were engulfed in the
firestorm that was raining down on us was my Mother's Bible.
Thank goodness I had four old photos in the bible and this was one of
them. The only photo I have of my mother.


  1. Beautiful post parsnip. So sad to read about the fire, thank goodness for the bible. What a stunning looking woman your mother was, and wow! so many talents!

  2. What wonderful memories you have of your beautiful, talented mother. That is so sad about the fire and that you have just one photo of your mother.

  3. It's sad about the fire, but at least you have these memories and mementos.

  4. Great photo to have saved, she's lovely.

    I love the idea of writing beautiful numbers.

  5. You are probably thankful every day that you grabbed that Bible.

    What a fine tribute to your mother.

  6. Dear Parsnip
    what a stunner your mother was!
    so glad this photo was saved -- but your fond memories are the most precious thing of all, I think.
    If anyone wrote anything as super about me, I'd be thrilled.

  7. Your mother was very attractive. So nice that you have that photo to share with us.

  8. Titus...
    She was a lovely woman. She had that old world charm. I know it sounds weird but living through the depression she learned to do everything.

    Wonderful memories yes but I still wish I saved more than four photos from the fire.

    Her columns of numbers were always so lovely. I can't tell you why but they were just wonderful to look at even up to when she couldn't write any more.

    They said we were fine but the fire jumped the road roared up the canyon and engulfed us in a rain storm of fire in 10 minutes. I grabbed the kids, rabbits, my stupid x let the cat out and we lost him and when I drove down the hill my home was on fire and following us down the hill. It was that fast.

    I am so glad I did, every other photo was lost.

    She was very beautiful. It is that whole 1940/50 look.
    I too would be thrilled if anyone wrote that about me too.

    So glad I got to share it too ! Yea for the bible.

  9. Sending out thoughts to you. It is beyond wonderful that this picture was in the bible. Meant to be!